Monday, May 5, 2014

Slam! Creak...Woosh!

One of life's greatest pleasures is finding the time to do something you love...
I like to blog and keep track of what we're doing and how we're doing and all that, but sometimes we're so busy doing that I don't get the time to write here!  I miss it =)  I find myself w/a random 30 minutes now.  I don't want to clean.  (Don't act so shocked!)

The other day there were 3 meetings scheduled and I wanted to make it to all of them.  Gymnastics parent meeting at 6, women's ministry meeting at 6:30 and crisis pregnancy center meeting at 7.  I packed a bag, almost like I was moving out!  It turns out the cpc meeting was not until next week, which was a nice surprise, but the point is that the one hour + span of my life pretty much sums up the rest of it!  For years I have prayed for God to stretch me and help me do things I felt he called me to do.  Truth is, I didn't pray that hard b/c I sort of worried that I couldn't do it/them.  I have all my hang ups and idiosyncrasies/aka crazies and I wanted and didn't want some things to happen at the same time!  But - I'm learning to recognize the seasons of my life quicker and getting better at being obedient and having a willing attitude when it comes to being stretched.
Well!  With that said...God has been closing and opening doors in's been a crazy past few weeks!  I'm grateful for the open doors b/c closed doors can be very difficult to handle at times...

-My time w/the theater group has ended.  My choice - I'm mad, sad, frustrated...but the truth is, the joy was gone a while ago.  Sort of a long story, but I have been blessed by the friendships I made and I did enjoy doing something that was so 'me', even if it was only for a while!  The lesson I am learning is to trust my instincts and when given discernment, I should chuck my plan and remember that I serve a big God whose plans are better than mine.  He is my Rock, my Defender and as long as I am on His side, I've got the victory!  (sorry, I'm dancing as I type, well you can't see that, but just typing that last part I can hear one of my favorite gospel songs in my head so I'm dancing! on a Monday!  Yep!  Turning my attitude around =)!)
-One of my best friends is moving away.  I have a million things to say about her...but that's almost a whole other post!  I knew it was coming and it still makes me sad.  This woman is a huge part of why I am me and she inspires me to be better, to be more and to stop letting other random things hold me back.  What makes it harder is that she's not moving away to one particular place I could go visit - their family is going to be rocking the RV life on the road!  Oh I'll still go visit her, I'll just have to find her first!  Back in the day, the lesson I would have taken from this is that I should just not make friends!  But now, it's different.  I know that I can maintain a friendship wherever Tracy goes and that no matter what, I know she will follow God's call in her life.  That is the kind of friend I want, not someone who lets her emotions or fears control her and the choices she makes for herself and w/her family in life.  So it's a good thing, but still just hard for me.  You know how it is, right?  Let's all bust out in the latest greatest theme song...."Let it go, let it go, can't hold me back anymore....let it go...let it go..."  (Now it's in your head, you're welcome, just wishing it wasn't in mine too!)
-Dewey and Curly Sue are back in foster care.  =(  Only this time since we don't have a county foster care license, they didn't call us.  It was our choice to switch to the state adoption list only, and I know that they are in really good hands, but it still was like a big door closed.  I hadn't missed foster care much and was looking forward to adding to our family permanently this time.  But when this happened, of course I couldn't help but feel like I wanted to run to them and switch our license back!!  I was reminded though of the other doors that are being opened...and to be patient...

-There are many more things to do with the women's ministry at church, the crisis pregnancy center and Love Feeds OUR World, a mission group working in Haiti.  I'm excited to be involved in these things!  I've prayed about some of those closed doors w/my friends/sisters in these groups and I know they are praying for me about the other ones that they are not even aware of yet.  Never in a million years would I have believed I would be doing some of these things, but I am, and I am realizing that when I/we are operating in God's Will, He blesses us greatly.  I am so grateful to be able to witness some of these awesome things!!
-We saw an adoption profile that to us seems like it would be a good match.  Our study has been submitted!  That's all I'm going to say about that soon as I know something else, you know I will be shouting it from the rooftops!!
-Do you know that I have had a lot more free time lately?  It's amazing what you can do w/some bonus time!  Now don't go getting the wrong idea...I'm still me, not Martha is still cluttered...cleaner, but cluttered...I learned some things about iMovie, read a book I love, and we changed the orientation of the couch!  Yeah, even the boring things are new and exciting!

This past weekend the weather was half way decent and we did our first family fun run!  Mo and I ran 2 miles (mostly me chasing him!) while Dave and Colleen walked one mile.  It was awesome!  We're looking forward to another in June and then who knows?  Soon it will be summer and we'll see where we wander =)  Or what doors will be opened!