Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mom's agenda for back to school

I'm making a to-do list.  There are so many things I have been saying. "I'll do it when the kids go back to school" that I know I'll never remember them!  By posting a list here, I hope to refer to it and accomplish it.  The goal is to make an edited post w/them all crossed off soon!  At some point I should sort the agenda items by priority but today it's stream of consciousness typing.

1) Take a nap.
2) Get a massage.
3) Roundup the buckthorn.  (No not like a rodeo - roundup like spray the chemicals to kill the invasive species!)
4) Clean the fridge.
5) Go through mittens/hats/snowpants/boots etc.
6) Print and hang more photos (I have been doing better at this!).
7) Tour the community fitness center and see if that's better than driving to the Y.
8) Downstairs bathroom closet organized.  Ugh.  Not looking forward to it.
9) Organize desk area.  Which would hopefully lead to a bookshelf over there...
10) Go thru school papers and files from last year.  Yep, still didn't finish that!
11) Go thru med files.  I'm keeping way too many papers now that a lot is online.
12) Follow up on our girl's medical file from before adoption.  Still have no access to that.  When another future surgery is being discussed, it becomes clear that it would be good to learn about what happened in the first one.  No cause for alarm, just frustrating that we can't get the files.
13) Furniture re-do in Moses' room.  Looking for a loft/desk combo.
14) Prep a bunch of meat in the instant pot.  Freeze.
15) Clean downstairs bathroom shower/tub and tile.  Or knock it out and put in a new one, which would probably be easier.
16) Put a front on the composters and use the pitchfork to turn it over.
17) Clean out the garden.
18) Pick up in our bedroom.  I'm terrible for tossing stuff on the floor in a hurry and regretting it later.
19) Find a hutch for the dining area.  Or something like it.
20) I should just put all the closets on here.  There's stuff crammed in every one!

I'm sure there's more, but that's a pretty good start!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Random Cobb

Most of you are cheeseheads so you probably know that's not his real name, but when Colleen calls him that, I can't help but snicker!!  We attended a practice recently and they were handing out these 'fans' - which are essentially life sized faces of the players on a popsicle stick.  She kept asking where her Random Cobb fan was...oh man!  It was adorable!
Well, this random update is going to ramble so hang on.  I have been meaning to type up a bunch of stuff about this summer but it feels like the only time I am sitting is in the truck.  But!  Tonight is a Packers preseason game so I'm on the couch (wouldn't miss it even if it's preseason!) and I'm a pretty decent multi-tasker (I prefer that anyway).
First, there was no big trip this summer.  Just lots of little ones!  Plus a lot of family and friend time which is so special and means a lot to me.  Since we were home more, we had the yard sprayed for mosquitoes - what a difference that makes!!  We can actually be outside...I can go water the plants or pick veggies at dusk and barely get a bite.  I hate the thought of chemicals but this year has been SO VERY RAINY and I'd rather enjoy the yard than suffer.  Since we've been home more, I have been able to battle the deer and see what's been planted by the people who lived here before us!  I'm loving all the astilbes in different colors!!  Dave built a garden 'cage' and except for the greens, the garden is huge.  Spinach, kale and basil don't seem to do well here.  I'm thinking of reading up on the soil...I have raised boxes though so the soil is my mix I created.  I'm a little annoyed at having to buy greens but since I double planted green beans, I guess that makes up for it!  Squash, zukes, pumpkins and cabbage are doing well, peas did ok.
Cats and chickens are doing well enough too.  We 'lost' Peyton cat for about a week, but she showed back up!  Took a few days for her to look her usual self but seems right as rain now.  Raccoons have been getting at the chickens again so we lost a few of the chicks we are raising.  There are 19 chickens right now, 5 of which are roosters.  If you want one, let us know!  Not too many people actually want roosters though...it's sort of a joke.  People come over and we try to get them to take a cute roo home...ah well.  I know they are good for the hens.  I'm fairly certain the molt has begun - still getting eggs and the light is on.  Could be the new ones are affecting the old ones.  Hoping to renovate the coop a little before the snow flies.
Dave has been trucking us around, making all of our summer dreams come true (mostly mine).  This guy has some big house projects pending - we miss natural gas!  He's been researching and getting info on that project but also getting some electrical work done on the house.  I can't tell you how selfless it is that this guy spends his summer trucking us around, checking off the honey do list and spending extra quality time w/each of us.
Moses is getting ready for middle school...middle school!!  Oy vey, I need to practice saying it.  He's starting band lessons (saxophone) next Monday and I am so excited!!  When I started band in 9th grade, it was when I realized there were 'others' like me (ESFPs).  I suddenly had an even bigger family of people who didn't look at me weird when I was ME.  Ok, I lied, some of them looked at me weird but then they laughed and joined me in whatever shenanigans I was a part of!  I've been praying over my boy that this would be the year he is able to...not sure of the word...the year he is able to feel at peace and at home.  Middle school is such a crazy time for some people, but it can also be when they find their 'fit'.  He moved up a level in gymnastics this season and if he's anything like his cousin who is one year older, I think this will be a growth spurt year!
Colleen is impressing me w/her social/emotional growth.  This girl is becoming more outgoing and relishing her big sister role (despite being the same size or smaller than her younger brothers!).  We're getting a few health concerns taken care of this summer.  Nothing major but stuff we've needed to work on.  She has been singing a lot lately and I'm hopeful that her genetics being different than mine, she'll have a shot at being in a choir some day!  We discovered painting rocks this summer and that's right up her alley.  She's a crafty kid!  She's been getting so much stronger w/her PT this summer and I can't wait to see what she can do in the school year.
Bert and Ernie are getting tall!!  Bert still amazes us w/his wit and physical capabilities.  He studies movement in others and learns quickly.  He will be joining the gymnastics team this year!  Can't wait to cheer on both of my boys and I'm furiously working on a way for me to be in many places/events at one time.  Ernie, my dear Ernie...hit a few bumps in the road at the end of the school year and insurance caused a few more, but - in true Ernie fashion he just keeps his head up and charges through life anyway.  People keep asking where we are on the road to adoption....we've had court, a few times that were like false starts.  We may be one step closer in mid September - if we talk in person you may already know what that's about, but if you are out of the loop, feel free to ask.  Projected adoption date is easily a year or more down the road though.  We're in it for the long haul!  We don't need a piece of paper to be a family - there was a really special moment last week that reminded me.  After all the fuss of court, the kids spending days w/other people and my momma heart just hurting, we rolled out from the tube pizza crust and made our own pizzas.  The family chatter and camaraderie brought tears to my eyes.  It was so dumb, just 4 ingredient pizzas, totally basic and bland, but they loved every minute of it!  "This is the best dinner ever!"  They were all obviously unaware of my poor attitude about it and the day, and the kids all seemed so happy to sit together, talking, laughing, telling silly stories and singing.   I just let it wash over me, smiling through the tears.  We are so very blessed w/people who help us, support us and pray for us.  They say kind words and encourage me when I feel like the most insufficient of moms.  The trials (both literal and figurative) might knock the wind out of me some days but I survive on the moments like that pizza dinner!
Alright - that's 'all the news that's fit to print' for now.  Let me know if you want to hear more about anything that we're up to and I'll write about it soon!