Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Signs you had a great weekend...

- The temps outside may or may not have been over 80*!  We sat on the deck yesterday, actually complaining about how hot it was!  One weather app said it was 83* while the other said 79*.  Yes, we have turned into those people who sit and check our apps, comparing temps and arguing about which one is more accurate...either way - it was probably the hottest day of the season.  We are looking forward to many more!!
- It was so hot you went to the beach.  =)  The beach that is now less than a mile from your house!
- You bought potted flowers and hung them around your yard.
- The $3 metal slinky you bought seems to be working to confuse/deter/scare the squirrels and chipmunks from climbing the pole and eating all the bird seed you put in the feeder!
- You didn't have to get up the next day for one of your jobs, b/c you were finally able to quit for the summer, which means that over the past 5 days off your eczema has healed considerably.
- You were able to enjoy a holiday parade (two actually) in small town Americana!  The best part was not knowing when OTown's parade started...so we guessed 9am.  We rolled up to Center St (that's really the name of it!), which is the largest street in the maybe 4 street town and ARGH!  It was the end of the parade!  Apparently it had started at 8:45...but someone told us it ends at the school (2 maybe 3 blocks away) and if we hurried we might catch the beginning.  Sure enough - we made it!  So we got to see the end and then the whole thing all over again!  10 minutes later, we were off to the school gym for the Memorial Day program.  It was pretty special - this WWII vet had the parachute (thin, hardly looked like it could have held up 100 pounds!) from when he bailed out over Germany...he then used it to wrap up, stay warm and avoided lice.  "That parachute saved my life twice!"  He explained there was a panel missing from it b/c his mother used it to make a baptismal gown for his daughter.  Pretty amazing...glad we were able to hear that and that the kids were too.
- The garden boxes are almost all set up.  I'm sure the deer have already walked through them since I put at least one of them right on one of the trails they use.  This is going to be an interesting year for gardening!
- You taught your kids some fun games and you had a lot of laughs as you played...
- You got to hear your daughter read, sing and talk her way through a robot build.  She's been on this robot kick...she is always telling me about how she would design one, what it would do and then where can we get plans for that?  All the robot books in the library system are not good enough!  It is so special to see her mind work...forget handwriting and anything hand strength, forget the IEP, let's just skip ahead to robot building!  Forget types of soil, forget comparing and contrasting stuff, let's just get to mechanics and physics and circuitry...(goodness, I guessed and spelled that word right!  Does that mean I'm qualified to teach my kid this stuff?!)
- Your son played hours of music, all by ear, banging out some of your favorites.  He even figured out songs he's never played before, chords and all...he's my own personal playlist.
- A really great group of friends helped you move the chicken coop!!  The girls are home!  Eggs out the back door again, finally!  So far no predators have gotten in, and I've seen no evidence that they have tried.  I did see the hawk circling but he's done that before.  I forgot how loud they can be - it makes me feel like I'm in a movie, somewhere in the desert, about to be attacked...but I don't panic in real life b/c I live in the woods and I want that hawk to keep the chipmunk population down!
- You attended a surprise birthday party for a close friend - it was so much fun chatting w/friends while we waited for the guest of honor!  It was fun seeing the surprises play out...
- Quite possibly best of all - very little to no worries all weekend.  It was so relaxing - got a few chores done, got to have fun and enjoy the sun too...just got to be w/family and friends...I'm sure I'm leaving something out but honestly, these things alone made it a great weekend!  Here's to many more!