Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blogging from the waiting room

This is the 2nd time this summer I have blogged from a waiting room...both literally and metaphorically!  We are still waiting to be matched up for an adoption - seeing a few more profiles of sibling sets and going through the process but not being matched.  We've had lots of appointments for Colleen at the children's hospital recently, which means some long days again.  No complaints - I'm just remembering some of the 'tricks' to staying busy/awake while waiting.
We really haven't traveled much this summer, which one might think would be boring for us.  Actually, this summer has been filled w/'excitement' - and yes, I put quotes around it b/c some of the things are not the good kind of excitement!  As much as we want to do a bunch of traveling, it has become clear that it was not meant to be this summer.  All these appointments have sort of muddied the waters when it come to trying to schedule stuff.  This summer the kids were able to participate in a few camps, which was really fun!  Colleen LOVED the fishing class, while Moses did soccer and soccer and more soccer!  We've met some of the neighbors now and that is pretty cool.
Some recent happenings involve a raccoon family...for those of you not 'friends' w/me on Facebook, we had a mom and 3 young getting into the chicken coop.   Annoying!!  One night they didn't bother the chickens, the next night they killed Brownie and the next night Dave rescued poor Jessie Hen in the middle of the fray.  She has still yet to open/use her eye much...we were worried she lost it!  She's sort of a pirate chicken!  Our chicken coop was an amalgamation of things - a drafting table, a picnic table and benches, a rabbit hutch, etc....too many 'connections' that were not strong against predators.  As I type this, my sweet hubby is building a one piece coop.  W/all the lumber he has purchased, it looks to be a mini-house!  I was really proud of him for designing the last coop from what we had and I know this one is going to be even better!
The kids will no longer be going to the same school next year.  Long story short, Colleen will be in the local school and Moses will be finishing elementary in the bilingual program.  It will be nice b/c I think us girls can bike 'into town' to drop her off at school!  The kids got new-to-us bikes that better fit them now that they have grown and she's finding it easier to go on long rides.  It's 3 miles, so not far at all, but there's a hill or 2 on the way.  We are looking forward to learning about her new school!
In other looks like we'll be vehicle shopping soon.  =(  We were planning to drive one of our vehicles into the ground and it seems like that time is here.  BLARGH!  W/kids in 2 different schools, not to mention living farther out of town, being a one car family doesn't seem possible.  Part of me likes the hunt but the other part of me wishes the vehicle fairy could just deliver our fave kind to the doorstep!  First world problems...
The other day when we rode our bikes to town, the local HS football team was practicing.  FOOTBALL SEASON IS COMING!!  The Packers have their first pre-season game next week...our family is ready!  We are trying to get up to GB for one of their practices, but we'll see.  It's a busy summer, despite not doing much traveling!  Who knew?!