Ten things about me...

1.  I follow Jesus.
2.  I work at home, serving my husband and children.
3.  We are foster and adoptive parents!
4.  I strive to provide real food for my family (no HFCS, no sugar, whole foods, etc)...but that means I am learning to cook from scratch and expanding my garden!  
5.  I bike.  Not much lately, but I try!
6.  I dabble in scrapbooking, sewing, church drama and Sunday school teaching.
7.  I am full of ideas.  You have a problem?  I've got an idea just for you!
8.  I can't carry a tune.  However, I sing along (and dance) to almost anything!  
9.  I like sandwiches.  
10.  I am an ESFP, which means the world is my stage!  It should be no surprise to you that I am blogging...

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