Monday, November 21, 2016

And the beat goes on

I know that in the past, I have posted about my daughter's progress w/her feeding tube and there was a celebratory post when she had her 'button' removed...I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but as a baby (before she came to us) she had heart surgery.  This means we have yearly (or more often!) trips to the nearby children's hospital for heart check ups.  Recently her blood pressure was really elevated, to the point that we had MANY appointments in a short amount of time.  Anyway - today was another one, mostly to check to see if the meds are working.  I almost always try to schedule appointments like this in the AM, just in case they run long or add some other procedure to our day, so we can get back before dark.  The days get long and especially in the winter, I really hate driving in the dark!  At the last appointment, they informed me that the doctor would only be in a few days during the month of November, making scheduling an important appointment difficult.  They came back to tell me he had one appointment left!  It wasn't until 1pm, but it's not like I can say, "Nah, skip it!" or whatever!  I mean it's just her heart, right?  That's not too important...(<---sarcastic font="" p="">So today we went and as always she is weighed before going into the room.  I've been hoping she would break the 50 lb mark soon - she's seem to have stalled out at 48!  The nurse today said she was 51 point something something and I just danced!!!  I called her beefcake and got a wry sneaky smile out of her.  Then in the room, the nurse took her blood pressure (just in her arm this time, lately they've been doing a lot of arm and leg combos) and she said it was only 107 over something!  WAY LOWER than in the past!!!  I didn't even bother listening to the last number - maybe I'm a terrible mom or whatever, but they give you the printout anyways...In less than a half hour we got 2 pieces of good news!!!  The doc came in, pleased as punch that the #s looked good and he sent us on our way!  I had planned to pick up somethings I had ordered online at a nearby mall, so we headed over there w/time to kill.
It's pretty rare that this girl enjoys spending much time w/me - we do spend a lot together due to these types of appointments and just b/c I'm the primary person home, but she is just not that into me.  Part of it is due to her history w/her birthmom and well, let's be honest, how many mother daughter combos do you know that are all sunshines and rainbows?  Knowing this, I figured she would not be into window shopping for Christmas presents...that and she usually wants to get back to school for science, her favorite.  Apparently knowing we weren't getting back in time for anything, or maybe it was just the right mood or day or who knows?! meant that she was more than happy to be there w/me.  She held my hand and laughed at my jokes and didn't once beg me to buy her something or obsess over a certain object or toy.  I offered her crazy corn (my mom used to buy us that from Buddy Squirrel at the mall!) but she wasn't hungry.  We hit up the Lego store, the anchor stores, and even went to all 3 floors of the Boston Store.  We looked for a birthday present for Daddy (found an expensive one!!  I might look for it online...) and tried to find books for cousins.  At one point my phone rang and it was about some foster care stuff that really aggravated me.  There was a problem and I had to make a bunch of phone calls to clear some things up.  Other people made a mistake and I was stuck in the middle, far away from all of them to work it out.  I felt drained and mad.  I hung up from one of the calls and she was sweetly holding a blanket?napkin?placemat? made of fur at Pottery Barn.  She gave me this big smile and asked if we could decorate our whole house in it!  HA!  I instantly forgot all about the issue and we carried on w/our day.  It was a good day - one I wanted to be sure to remember =)

Monday, November 14, 2016

One minute

One minute you are an almost 20 year old young woman, wearing wide legs jeans and a knit tank top, rocking out at a concert, a ska band on the stage, singing all the words to the song and jumping around...
...and the next you are an almost 40 year old mom, driving all over God's green Earth for her kids like some sort of taxi service, rocking out to the same ska band on the radio, singing all the words to the song and weaving all over the road!  I swear I blinked.  When I was young, I had no clue what life was going to be like for me.  I figured I would make a plan and all would go ACCORDING TO THE PLAN.
After the song ended, I had a good laugh and just thanked the Lord for the way things turned out.  I am that crazy momma who dances and sings in the car!!!  I had fun at the concert when I was 20, I'd probably have fun if I went now, too, but honestly, car karaoke is fun too!
I've been having conversations w/some of the kids about what life will be like when they get to be adults.  A big one is about how adults don't always get to do what they love for a job.  Sometimes they put their personality, hobbies or interests aside just so they can pay for a house, food and whatnot.  There are some people who get to do art as their job or something else they love, but not many...stark reality and all that, right?   I realized the irony of the conversation in the middle of a sentence and nearly choked on my words!  I am one of those people who gets to do what she loves!  Ok, well not the cooking and cleaning part...HA!  No but seriously.  "Must be nice"...Why, yes, thank you, it is.  I get to be there for my kids when they see the doctor, I get to accompany them to counseling, I get to be the one who picks them up from school, I get to be the one who is always there.  I say good morning, have a good day at school, how was school and good night.  I get to be that person for them.  I am very blessed!
In other news - I am looking forward to the holidays.  Bert and Ernie joined our family in Jan of this calendar year, so we just missed the holiday season w/them.  This year we get to do all the traditions as a family =)  I have heard of people sleeping in their living rooms by the light of the Christmas tree and I always thought that wouldn't work for us, sleep issues and all...but I'm thinking we might try it this year?  I think there are a few things we can do to help w/the 'issues' and it might be good bonding!  Of course we are looking forward to seeing family (at least the ones around here) and spending time w/friends who are family.  Last year I bought a ton of gifts online and I was AHEAD of the game!  For once in my life!!  This year - notsomuch.  Haven't even started.  I'd love to make some gifts, but we'll see how much time we have.  It's been seriously difficult lately and I'm blaming the weather.  It's so nice outside!  Who wants to be in when you could be out?  NOT ME.  I love love love (one more!) love snow, but this is ok too.  There will be plenty of days of snow (there'd better be, you hear me global climate?!) and this works for now.
Well, last post I challenged myself to write 6 times this month.  Hmmm....the month is half over and this is entry 2!!!  I'll have to up my game next time w/some photos.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

By the numbers

296 days.  The boys (Bert and Ernie) have lived here for 296 days.  Their TPR trial was just rescheduled (again).  Also, 3 is the number of social workers they have had during that time.
6 times.  The number of times I hope to write a blog post this month.
10 chickens, 2 cats and 0 injuries, deaths or disappearances lately!  In fact, the chickens have begun laying eggs regularly again, the cats have killed an inordinate amount of chipmunks and mice!  I think they have scared away most of the wood peckers too.  I'm a little bummed about not seeing as many of the birds around, but impressed at the lack of rodents!
6 is the number of loads of laundry I did today!  It was a lot of bedding and blankets...we cleaned out the camper so I did that laundry too.  I always hated the thought of using a dryer but I must have thought I was thankful for it at least 3 times today!  It's so damp here during this time of year.
4 people were messed up by the time change.  I just rolled w/it and actually got out of bed to get myself ready for church on time!
5 rooms need to be vacuumed.  Well, probably more, but there are only 5 that bother me.  Floors are one of the last things that get done around here!  5 is also the number of vacuums we own!  3 regular, one shop vac and 1 small one in the camper.  AMERICA!!!  (<----i a="" almost="" at="" be="" could="" different="" ep.="" every="" first="" house="" i="" if="" in="" keeping="" means="" nbsp="" notice="" o="" of="" or="" ostentation.="" out="" p="" person="" point="" pretentiousness="" re="" room.="" same="" shout="" show="" single="" stereotypical="" that="" the="" this="" time="" track="" vacuuming="" world="" you="">From 3 to 2 nights, we have gotten the YMCA schedule whittled down!  There are other things in town on other nights, but it now means we have at least two nights, some times 3, where we all sit around our dining table and talk about our day.  Just in time too - w/the holidays around the corner, life is getting busy and I need a few more doses of these little people.  They make me laugh and remind me of why I love my job!
Sadly, I have only been to the Y to take advantage of the classes or machines 1 time.  I missed zumba so much and I was determined to get there one night.  Checked the schedule (not well enough) and grabbed my gear.  Asked the front desk where it was meeting, but found no one in the gym.  It turns out I was a whole hour early!!  The next week was rough and I ate banana bread and vegged out.  We'll see if I get there this week.
2 people I know are in process to adopt privately right now.  I think there is at least one w/an adoption date through the public system and then there's us.  Between my family and friends I am currently in touch w/, I know of probably 20+ children who have been adopted.  It's National Adoption Month and so many things have come through my social media sites....lots of articles, cheeky memes and touching sayings...I take it all in and I am reminded how I never thought I'd be in this position.  My plan for my life did not include this.  That is not a complaint or anything, just acknowledging the fact that life sometimes has surprises in store for you!  Here I am, happier than a clam in sand, to be counting my blessings!
Sorry this post is so disjointed - it's been a rather mixed up couple of days and I really wanted to get a few things down....I'm ready to get back into writing more often!