Sunday, November 6, 2016

By the numbers

296 days.  The boys (Bert and Ernie) have lived here for 296 days.  Their TPR trial was just rescheduled (again).  Also, 3 is the number of social workers they have had during that time.
6 times.  The number of times I hope to write a blog post this month.
10 chickens, 2 cats and 0 injuries, deaths or disappearances lately!  In fact, the chickens have begun laying eggs regularly again, the cats have killed an inordinate amount of chipmunks and mice!  I think they have scared away most of the wood peckers too.  I'm a little bummed about not seeing as many of the birds around, but impressed at the lack of rodents!
6 is the number of loads of laundry I did today!  It was a lot of bedding and blankets...we cleaned out the camper so I did that laundry too.  I always hated the thought of using a dryer but I must have thought I was thankful for it at least 3 times today!  It's so damp here during this time of year.
4 people were messed up by the time change.  I just rolled w/it and actually got out of bed to get myself ready for church on time!
5 rooms need to be vacuumed.  Well, probably more, but there are only 5 that bother me.  Floors are one of the last things that get done around here!  5 is also the number of vacuums we own!  3 regular, one shop vac and 1 small one in the camper.  AMERICA!!!  (<----i a="" almost="" at="" be="" could="" different="" ep.="" every="" first="" house="" i="" if="" in="" keeping="" means="" nbsp="" notice="" o="" of="" or="" ostentation.="" out="" p="" person="" point="" pretentiousness="" re="" room.="" same="" shout="" show="" single="" stereotypical="" that="" the="" this="" time="" track="" vacuuming="" world="" you="">From 3 to 2 nights, we have gotten the YMCA schedule whittled down!  There are other things in town on other nights, but it now means we have at least two nights, some times 3, where we all sit around our dining table and talk about our day.  Just in time too - w/the holidays around the corner, life is getting busy and I need a few more doses of these little people.  They make me laugh and remind me of why I love my job!
Sadly, I have only been to the Y to take advantage of the classes or machines 1 time.  I missed zumba so much and I was determined to get there one night.  Checked the schedule (not well enough) and grabbed my gear.  Asked the front desk where it was meeting, but found no one in the gym.  It turns out I was a whole hour early!!  The next week was rough and I ate banana bread and vegged out.  We'll see if I get there this week.
2 people I know are in process to adopt privately right now.  I think there is at least one w/an adoption date through the public system and then there's us.  Between my family and friends I am currently in touch w/, I know of probably 20+ children who have been adopted.  It's National Adoption Month and so many things have come through my social media sites....lots of articles, cheeky memes and touching sayings...I take it all in and I am reminded how I never thought I'd be in this position.  My plan for my life did not include this.  That is not a complaint or anything, just acknowledging the fact that life sometimes has surprises in store for you!  Here I am, happier than a clam in sand, to be counting my blessings!
Sorry this post is so disjointed - it's been a rather mixed up couple of days and I really wanted to get a few things down....I'm ready to get back into writing more often!

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