Our family

I thought it would be a good idea to make a 'cast of characters' of sorts...all foster placements are listed under an alias, unless they were adopted.

Melissa - me!
Dave - husband
Moses - biological son
Colleen/Fabi - 3rd foster placement, adopted daughter Arrived Aug 2009
Pumpkin - 1st foster placement, 1 year old boy Arrived Oct 2008 then reunified w/his dad July 2009
Pickles - 2nd foster placement, 17 year old young woman (as it turns out, she was pregnant w/Alfredo when she was w/us!) Arrived April? 2009 then moved to a home for teen moms July 2009
Janae and YaYa - 4th and 5th foster placement, sisters Arrived Aug 2009 - basically spent a long weekend w/us
Leah and Ray - 6th and 7th foster placement, 17 year old young mother and her 5 month old son (According to court records, Ray does not actually count as a placement since he was not on a CHIPS order.  However, we are counting him!)  Arrived Feb 2010 - Ray was reunified w/his dad in summer 2010 and then Leah moved out Jan 2011
Baby AJ - 8th foster placement, infant boy brought home from the hospital  Arrived March 2011 - joined his grandma's family after a short time
Baby Mickey - 9th foster placement, infant girl brought home from the hospital Arrived Sept 2011 - went home w/her adoptive family after one week
Curly Sue and Dewey - 10th and 11th foster placement, a 4 year girl and 17 month old boy Arrived Nov 2011 - reunified June 2013

At this time (July 2015) we do not have a county foster license.  We are on the state foster-to-adopt list again!  So far we have seen profiles for a few sibling groups/'singletons' and are excited to grow our family.  As I always tell everyone, if you ever have any questions or just want to talk about foster care or adoption, PLEASE ASK!  As you can see, we've had experiences w/teen moms, infants, and a few others in between...that doesn't make us experts, but we have learned a few things along the way.  God has blessed us w/the chance to meet and parent a few children over the years and they still occupy a piece of our hearts, which is why they are included in this page about our family.

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