Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So-o-o Tired!

Well, I have decided to workout on Wednesdays...I rarely work out unless you count running from my car to the mall while carrying a 25 lb kid! Which I don't, and since I've been trying to spend less, I am trying to go to the mall less. Anyway - today I did a few things that I consider to be a workout. On Weds, the leaf-sucker truck comes by, so I thought I was doing great in bundling Moses up and getting outside to rake the leaves. As soon as I stepped off the back stoop, I hear this huge truck...DOH! Missed it. But we raked leaves and needles anyway. Then I power-walked with Mo in the wagon (not heavy) to the grocery store, which is about 7 blocks away. I also tried to power-walk home with Mo and $40 worth of groceries in the wagon (pretty heavy!). After ditching the wagon and getting Mo's piggy bank, we power-walked to the bank, which is about 3 blocks away. Our walk home was much nicer since it's downhill! But yeah, now I am so-o-o tired! Oh well, it felt good! What do you do to workout?

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Liz said...

Yeah, I'm terrible about exercising. Right now, my "exercise" consists of taking the stairs versus elevator whenever possible and parking far (relatively) from the entrances at stores. It's not much, but it's about all I have time/resources for right now. I'm hoping to spend more time on the treadmill once I'm home again in a few weeks.