Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursdays are good days to review...

Well, it seems that I have only been getting around to writing on Thursdays...on Friday last week Mo and I went to the play place in the mall, and we were shocked to find the place crawling w/kids!! Almost literally too!! Mo was like, "Hey what are all these kids doing in my play place?!" He seemed a little offended. But then he got excited to run around with some other kids. One thing I noticed though was that the height requirement was being ignored, so there were some really big kids. Mo got plowed by this kid and his mom didn't notice right away. She was deep in conversation or something. That made me mad. Anyway - later Dave wanted to see the play place so we went back. Same story, only WORSE!! Friday night at the mall, who knew? I guess you're probably thinking that yeah, Friday night at the mall is busy, but our mall is mostly empty so we were surprised! The thing I noticed this time was that there were over 30 kids and only 6 parents. So unless everyone has large families all under 42 inches, the parental supervision just wasn't happening. That made me a little scared. Liability-wise that's just a I'm thinking we'll just stick to the early mornings.
In other news...Monday we made plans to get new doors and a booth in our kitchen! Ok, that doesn't really count, I know...and Wednesday we didn't work out. Sorry - it's been a really busy week. The toughest part of this week was that our last foster care class was canceled on Tuesday. BOO!! We definitely wanted to show off our family album. Plus the topic was about adoption, which of course we are into. The meeting is rescheduled for next Tuesday, so we'll keep you posted. The good news we got this week was from our friends in Russia - they are w/their son!! Their initial court date went well and now they are in the waiting period. The are watching lots of Russian TV and venturing out once in a while. Their son has learned a few new words, like ostrich (??) and one, two, three and four. We are so excited for them and it will be an eternity until they get home on the 18th! I cried when I saw the pictures of them together. Only God could design their family so perfectly!
By now, some of you have read our Christmas greeting...yeah, we're trying to go paperless! There are still some people who don't use email or the internet, so we'll still send a few cards. The other thing we're trying to do to save money and limit waste is to make presents for people this year. I know some of the them won't be as exciting as something we could have purchased, but it's our way to be good stewards of the money and the Earth that God lets us use. I will talk more about the presents after we have given might be a lucky one who gets to receive one! Hope you like it! Are you doing anything different this Christmas?

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