Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!


Yeah, ignore the date...we really did take these pictures today! Besides, Mo wasn't even born in January of '05!!

So-o-o Tired!

Well, I have decided to workout on Wednesdays...I rarely work out unless you count running from my car to the mall while carrying a 25 lb kid! Which I don't, and since I've been trying to spend less, I am trying to go to the mall less. Anyway - today I did a few things that I consider to be a workout. On Weds, the leaf-sucker truck comes by, so I thought I was doing great in bundling Moses up and getting outside to rake the leaves. As soon as I stepped off the back stoop, I hear this huge truck...DOH! Missed it. But we raked leaves and needles anyway. Then I power-walked with Mo in the wagon (not heavy) to the grocery store, which is about 7 blocks away. I also tried to power-walk home with Mo and $40 worth of groceries in the wagon (pretty heavy!). After ditching the wagon and getting Mo's piggy bank, we power-walked to the bank, which is about 3 blocks away. Our walk home was much nicer since it's downhill! But yeah, now I am so-o-o tired! Oh well, it felt good! What do you do to workout?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Our first post!

...and I can't think of anything profound to say. So I will just introduce you to Make It Mondays. I am challenging myself to make something every Monday. That could mean food (I am still learning to cook), something crafty (I'm learning to sew) or something useful (like a blog, to share family news). Today I made a big batch of burritos to eat and freeze. I guess you could say that I made a mess too, using a bunch of pots and pans for the burritos! Coming soon - Workout Wednesdays!