Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like a college class at 8am on a Monday morning

I am here.  Present.  Just not awake and not very interested in participating.  Wishing I was still in bed.  Wondering why on earth I actually got up and shoved my feet into some form of footwear and stumbled over here.

Sorry - I have so many things I want to blog about but life happens!  I have a bunch of photos to show off too, but it seems to take a lot of energy (read:time!) to put them together right now.  It's summer break, and despite the weather not acting appropriately, we are still doing the usual break stuff.  Vacationing/camping, boating, swimming, T-balling, attending to all those details/projects we've been putting off during the school year...for instance, Dave hadn't mowed the back 40 in at least a month!  The grass back there was at least knee high!  The one benefit to that is that the neighbor's daisies had seeded themselves all over behind the garage and I got the sheer pleasure of wading in a field of one of my favorite flowers!!  Since he finally mowed yesterday, I was out there rapidly grabbing fistfuls to put in vases all over the house.  Such happy flowers!  They have sunny centers and since we haven't seen the sun in a REALLY long time, so we need them in the house to remind us of what we are missing!
Ok, since I seem to have at least 10 minutes right now I will keep typing...the chickens are outside in their new coop.  We don't plan on leaving them out there to long yet, but they are getting too big for the box!  It's still not really warm enough but they seemed to be okay for a few hours.  What else is new?  We had a really fun family vacation in my hometown last week.  The kids got to see Grandma and Grandpa a lot and we visited so many parks and things I had been to when I was young.  We got to go out in the boat and participated in a video for the park and rec department -  we are famous, and may be even more so if they win the contest!  They are trying to win an award...I'll keep you posted!

Well, 'class' is almost over so I am going to mosey on back to my dorm room...I may or may not be going back to bed...come find me for dinner...

(Please note that any resemblance to real college/dorm/class life is purely an accident.  I have never stumbled to an 8am class.  I just never went!  Or I was really smart and never signed up for them!  Ok, just kidding.  The classes that I had the most trouble attending were the evening ones.  Well, ok, the after lunch ones were difficult too....I always fell asleep!!  Whatever.  I still graduated and did just fine =)!)

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