Monday, July 11, 2011

A new view!

As I alluded to in the last post, we were able to get a second look at the lighthouse!  We took the boat out on the big lake and 'drove' around the lighthouse.  Again, I made a mosaic...and again, a few of the pictures were trimmed a bit.  So please forgive me for that, but I still think the mosaics are pretty cool!  In the top row, you will see Colleen and I snuggling (she's not too fond of the waves), as well as Moses helping Daddy w/the steering wheel.  There's 2 shots of the lighthouse, too.  The right hand column shows my 2 kids behaving so well on the ride back!  Then I asked Mo if I could take his pic on the beach w/the lighthouse in the back and he chose to put his hand over his heart =)  In the middle of the right hand column, you will see a piece of paper I found under about a foot of water.  (It was the 5th of July, so I'm assuming the paper had been under water all night!!  I couldn't believe it hadn't disintegrated...)  There's another view of the lighthouse on the horizon.  One the bottom row you can see Dave's arm pointing to our 'secret beach', us on the beach and a closer look at a sailboat.  In the middle - us!  And the lighthouse!  An awesome shot to sum up an awesome day =)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our summer adventure begins!

Aside from the usual cool stuff we do over the summer, we have decided to use the book 101 Places You Gotta See Before You're 12 by Joanne O'Sullivan to inspire us.  We hope to knock off a bunch of the places this summer!  We have already been to many of them, but we've decided to re-visit them or go to new examples of them...(in case you haven't read the book, they offer both general and specific suggestions...)

The first place the book suggests is a lighthouse, and since we have one in our home town, it was an easy one =)  I made this mosaic from a free program online and I noticed that it cut off some of the tops or sides of the photos, but I took so many that I thought this would be a good way to share them all!  The top row of pictures shows sailboats (#1), the beginning of our walk (#3) and a huge fish (#4)!!  The right hand column shows some boats in the harbor and the boys checking out the geese.  The bottom row shows both kids getting ready for a long sunny walk by putting their hats on (Mo was silly and put on all of them =)!) and proof that both of us girls were there.  In the left hand column, Dave and the kids are crouching down (sorry it cut your head off, honey!)...there you can see some letters in the cement.  When Dave and I first moved here, he went out to the lighthouse on a lunch break.  There was wet cement and he wrote our initials in it!  He later took me out there to surprise me...since then, it's been really special to go out there and see them.  It was an awesome day to go out and see a lighthouse!  Now we're down to 100 places...

Stay tuned for a new look at the lighthouse....