Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who knew?

Tonight at dinner, I busted out the unGame cards.  (For those that don't know - it's basically a bunch of cards w/questions.  There are no right or wrong answers.  You can advance along a board and everyone wins!  Usually we just use the cards.)  I thought it would be fun to hear the kids' answers.  Some of the questions start w/"If" while others ask you to describe something.  There are various types of cards and various versions of the game.  Some of the Mo's answers were surprises so I thought it would be neat to record/share them here.  (I don't feel comfortable sharing Curly Sue's and Colleen usually copies someone else's answer or makes up something she is thinking about.  She's a concrete thinker and this game doesn't work well for her!)
The first question was, "If you could have anyone famous for parents, who would it be?"  Without hesitation, Moses said, "Mick Jagger and Pepper Potts."  Um....?  I understood the Mick Jagger thing b/c of the 2 current pop songs w/his name in the lyrics, but who is Pepper Potts?  Ironman's girlfriend!  HA!  I must say I didn't expect either of those answers.  I doubt Mo knows who Mick Jagger is.
Another question sort of dated the game.  "If you could make any long distance call, to whom would you call?"  He chose some friends that we knew from college.  They used to live in TX (we got to visit them twice!) and have since moved back 'home'.  Again, I didn't expect that one, but I must say, I'd call them too!  We don't think much about long distance calls these days, especially since we can make video calls for free and our cell phone plans have a lot of inexpensive minutes.
When asked if he had to move, what 3 things (not toys, my addition to the question!) would you take, Moses said, "A weapon, food and drink."  Okay....I guess he was thinking like a survivalist for that one!
I thought this one was pretty special too.  "What makes a happy family?"  Moses immediately responded, "Compassionate people."  After a few moments of thought, he added birthdays!  =)

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