Wednesday, March 6, 2013

10 reasons I would like spring to come today

Friends, one week ago today we got 16+" of snow in a very short amount of time.  We were predicted to get anywhere from 3-10" more today but the storm missed us!  We have had more snow in the past 2 weeks than we have all winter so far.  For the big storm, our snow blower was in the shop.  Our 'guns' were not and we shoveled a lot!  Today I realized I am so very very behind on laundry (I blame Jesus) and it made me wish for spring.  I love snow very much!  I think most people who know me already know that.  I could never live in a state w/o the 4 seasons, unless it was just summer, fall and winter.  I really don't like spring much at all, but when you get more white stuff this late in the winter, even a snow-loving girl like me is ready to be done.  The list maker in me decided to take these precious few moments to to share w/you my 10 reasons I would like spring to come today.  (Don't worry, I loaded the washer before I sat down!)
1) I want to hang laundry outside!  Granted, I know I still could today, but when your lines hang over knee deep snow, it's kind of tricky.  Not to mention crazy.  I'm not that far off the edge!
2) Last year at this time I was thinking of garden boxes were on my mind a lot.  I really wanted to get a jump on this year, but again, when your garden is under knee deep snow, it's kind of tricky...(seeing a theme here?)
3) I miss running.  And I miss running outside.  I see people running outside sometimes when I get closer to the Y and I must keep my head from turning to see if they are being chased by a bear.  Yes, I have cold weather gear and some of the sidewalks/lakefront paths are not knee deep in snow, but...I'm a wuss.  (A lot of this same stuff could be said for biking.)
4) I miss the sun.  Not the rain though.
5) I would love to let the chickens out!  For a while there, their food tray and such was under water.  Then it all froze.  Their run was a mucky mess that turned into a sheet of ice.  Their day lamp/water warmer combo was shorting out the garage circuitry...or whatever you call that.  They haven't laid eggs in a while.  More daylight = more eggs.  And maybe if the yard wasn't knee deep in snow, I could let them out and manage the coop/run situation a little better.
6) I want to go camping and not have to run the heater all night!  We have been looking at some small, lightweight but hard-sided trailers and it's dizzying.  I just want to blink and find the right one and go camp in some warmer weather.  W/no snow on the ground!
7) I need to visit the secret beach again.  Not sure I could get down the hill successfully w/all the snow but I wonder what the beach looks like.
8) Spring training has started.  I see clips of the Brewers down in AZ and it reminds that most of the games I have been to up here in the recent years have been in the blazing sun and fiery heat.  I remember being a sweaty puddle and as much as I hated it at the time, I'd take that today.
9) I'm cautiously optimistic that spring will hold some much needed changes around here.  I've talked before about the hurry up and wait stuff in my life and that's really bugging me right now.  We'll get there - not my timing but God's!
10) Honestly, I just miss getting out of the house.  When the temps are a little higher and stuff is happening outside (flowers blooming, wind blowing, garden dirt calling me, people doing stuff, etc...) I try to avoid being inside my house.  Who wants to tend to household chores when you could be outside?  There's not too much to help when procrastinating during winter.  Nothing is going on out there.  No reason to go and check anything out.  So...back to work it is...*yawn*!
I'm sure I sound really bitter about all the snow...but I'm not =)  I love the strange cultural phenomenon of peeking around snow banks taller than my van, mail that doesn't get delivered for a few days b/c the snow/ice chunks from the plow are impossible to move w/a household snowblower or some really tired 'guns', neighbors helping neighbors clear out fire hydrants, and snowmobile tracks across farm fields!  There is none of that in some parts of the country.  I'm sad for them...they are missing out...but still I would like spring to come today!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I was JUST thinking about how I miss hanging out laundry today, too!