Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Special interest...

(I started this post a while ago - months ago!  April, I think...)
Today is a day full of good stuff so I think it deserves a blog post!!

First and foremost, today is our niece's 18th birthday.  She was 4 when I met her...her uncle and I held her hands as we walked her to the park down the street.  We weren't really dating yet, but I know my mind couldn't help but flash into the future and think about the day when he and I would be walking our own child to a park.  She told me, "We don't say stupid."  I was chastised by a 4yo!  It was yet another reminder of how I was still a work in progress, someone who had been saved barely a year before and was still trying to fit into her 'new creation' skin.  This niece of ours, she still inspires me and amazes me 14 years later.  I can't believe the little red-headed kid who hated to wear jeans but loved rack dresses has turned into a woman who loves God, prays for her siblings and aims to be a music star!  Then again, I should believe it, given her upbringing and her first born spirit.  Someday this niece will be a star who is not just noticed by her family and friends, but one that the world sits up and takes note of.  It may be at a concert or a college graduation, or maybe on a mission field or a prayer team, or maybe as a wife and mom in her own house, but I'm telling you now that it will happen.  Nora, I wish you the happiest of birthdays!  May God bless you as you take charge of your life and decisions, may He guide your steps and keep you safe, but most of all may He give you many more happy birthdays!  We love you!
Secondly, today a friend of mine from the world of adoption support is sitting in a courtroom finalizing the adoption of her daughter.  I am overjoyed for her!!  As any who has adopted can tell you, the road can be long and difficult...but on adoption day you are swept away w/emotion and it seems like every last dream you ever had just came true!  Nothing matters in those moments, nothing but family and love.  Love wins.  Thank you Jesus!!

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