Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Today we say good-bye to Dewey and Curly-Sue as they are being reunited w/their mom.  I have a lot to say about saying good-bye, but not much time right now to write about it.  Please pray for their family as they begin their journey as a healthy family in our community.  When people hear we are foster parents, almost everyone says they could never 'give them back'.  We signed up for foster care knowing that the kids would only 'belong' to us for a short time.  We don't find it easy to say good-bye, and of course we love them.  Would we keep them if we could?  In a heartbeat.  But can we still find the strength to say good-bye?  Yes.  I am beyond thankful for the friends we have and the support network we have.  We lean on them and they understand the duplicity of the situation.  I know a lot of the people I am referring to are reading, so THANK YOU!!  Also, thank you to our families that deal w/the secondary emotions that are no less raw.  They are saying good-bye too...thankfully we are able to see some family members often and give and get all the hugs we need!  They didn't choose this and my heart hurts for them.  I do know this, though - I serve a God who is bigger than all of this and He hears my prayers!  For the families reunited, for those torn apart, for those that rejoice and those that mourn.  Thank you for your prayers...

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