Thursday, August 1, 2013

Like a drunk knitter.

Well!  This summer (year?) has come together in an interesting way...hide your surprise as I compile a random update!
We haven't done as much traveling this summer for various reasons but there is a family vacation in the works.  We have done some stuff around the house though!  We managed to purge some items from the house, re-do a few things in the LR and get central air installed.  Right now the kids are finished up drama camp and bilingual camp, not to mention that Mo is loving gymnastics team practice.  Our adoption application is done and already we have been sent profiles for a little boy and a sibling set.  We talked about it and as hard as it was, we said no, praying a family will be found for them.  We've heard lots of good news - TPR for my cousin's little guy, a friend who is finally pregnant after miscarriages, another couple pregnant after waiting/wading through infertility, etc...but it all balanced out some sad news too.  We've enjoyed some local fun at the state park, on the lake and attractions near our house.
Half the year has come and gone and I've barely mentioned my goals!  I fell off the wagon for my morning Bible challenge but I have already signed up for fall.  I needed to sort out a few things in my mind before I could really be faithful and diligent.  Don't get me wrong, there was still plenty of Bible reading going on, just not according to a plan.  We've done some serving w/church and I am officially on the women's ministry team =)  We've been meeting and serving together fairly often.  I'm not even going to mention my lack of progress in the personal goals area and neither are you!  Physically, I was rocking the workouts at the Y until...May?  Then life got hairy and I have been a slug.  I miss running but my house/family are worthy winners of my time.  I'm hoping I can hit the re-set button in fall.  As a family we've booked a vacation, visited w/out of state family and looked at a house or 2.
Overall, I've been learning to live in the moment and forget the fact that this year is nothing like what I expected.  When life gives you yarn, a pattern and some wine, you make a wacky sweater, but hey, you made a sweater!!  =)

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