Monday, September 22, 2014

Highlights from the first half of 2014

As many of you may know, WI had a really bitter winter this past year.  It wasn't exactly that snowy, but it was one of the coldest on record.  There were windchills in the negative 20s and such for weeks, school was canceled for temps, not snowfall...etc.  We were all indoors A LOT since it wasn't safe to go out and play.  For people like me, who love snow and being outside, it was brutal.  For kids of all kinds, it was torture.  They were so sick of indoor recess!!  Being who we are, our family could not get our brains off of being outside and traveling...on one of the coldest and windiest days of the year, Dave went down to an RV place to check out a hard sided camper.  We video chatted so I could see the thing and laughed about the wind rocking the camper!  Spring break was coming up and we were itching to 'get out of Dodge'!!  It wasn't long and the camper was in our driveway and our savings was in the hands of an RV felt good to have worked toward a financial goal!  Then spring break came and it felt even better to say we were going to drive until the thermometer rose above 60*!  We almost made it there too...=D  We ended up in was pretty nice, not hot, by any stretch of the imagination, but they had spring bulbs pushing up through the dirt and that was good enough for us!  One day I left the towels hanging on the line and when we came back to the campground, it was snowing!  Nothing stuck, but it was an adventure!!  One of our favorite things was having pretty much the whole entire campground to ourselves.  There was only one other group of campers....and they weren't even there the whole week!  We went on some sunny hikes and explored the KY and TN border.

A Glamping We Will Go!

In late April, we took a mini vacation to the WI Dells waterpark hotel, while early May found us on the run for the local Bookworm Garden Fun Run!  I was able to go on field trips with both Moses and Colleen - one to a Y nature camp and the other to a nearby zoo.  

JUNE!!!!  We looked forward to June and it did not disappoint!!!  Of course there were the obligatory make up days of school but that didn't change the fact that a big anniversary was coming up!  The love of my life and I spent the day with our family - and then kicked off a week in the same town we had our first honeymoon =D  It was a little different with kids along, but we are not complaining!  There was much fun - boating, kayaking, mini golfing, tubing, swimming, camping, and YES every day included ice cream!  The weather was perfect - hot, sunny and just what we needed after a winter cooped up inside!  We polished off the first half off 2014 by going to football camp, seeing family, camping with some good friends, and doing some MORE camping!  

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