Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi. A. Tus.

I'm still here! I've been limiting my time on the computer...we have 3 kids in the house right now. I'm not sure if I wrote about this yet or not, but there's Mo, the foster 'baby' and now a 17yo girl. Things are going really well! We got a sitter for the boys the other night and went on a date w/just her. It's been nice getting to know her and nice to feel like a big family...I don't know why, but doing things together actually seems easier! Ok, well, not the whole getting her to school on time thing...it seems like since she has arrived, the boys have taken to sleeping in!! What's up w/that? I have to haul their butts out of bed some mornings!! Get your jammy clad self in the van, we gotta get to school! LOL! Anyway - I have a bunch of posts written about things I love, they're just awaiting pics...In other news - this 'spring' (is it really here??) has been sooooo rainy!! There's a lake out back right now. UGH. I just want to fast forward to the part where we get a garden going and bike all over and eat picnics outside! Sometimes, I wish I lived in a place that only had 3 seasons....anyway - I hope to get through this week and put up a few more posts....

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