Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hi - remember me? Haha - I think I will be posting a little more soon since the foster sisters we had are gone now. Now it's just DW, me, Moses and Fabi - that's what I'm calling the newest foster daughter! I was thinking for a long time about that one...for blogging purposes we obviously cannot share real names, so if you thought naming your kid was hard - try thinking of an imaginary one!! Don't ask how I got this one. Seriously, don't ask. It's way too long of a story and if I told you then I'd have to kill you! KIDDING - isn't that a line from a movie? So anyway, Fabi is freshly 2 and yes, she has a 'tude sometimes. Mostly she is a pretty patient kid and noisy, just wanting to be heard. She sings and waves a lot...she is a snuggler =) She has an NG tube, so we're working on the eating thing. I say she is a patient kid b/c I know I could never sit for 6-8hrs a day, just waiting for the bag to be empty! I'd go crazy. But she rarely complains. She's making progress and we can't wait to see more! It's been a pretty wild month so you know I am looking forward to school, the routine and just some everyday quiet time. Moses will be going to Creative Play this year (we tried it last year, but 'quit') and even though he hasn't met the teacher, I can tell he's getting more excited for this year! He knows her name and he knows a playmate will be in the class w/him. I'm excited b/c this time he's in the class on the north side and they have a gym! My growing boy needs to have large motor time like that =) Well, I have a bunch to do and it's so beautiful outside! Thanks for sticking w/me and please pray for Fabi's progress. Thanks!

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