Sunday, August 30, 2009

1,000 things

There are a thousand things I want to do! But since you already know that I over-exaggerate, you know that's not entirely true. How 'bout I make a list so we can see how many it really is?
1) Put the bricks around the edges of the flower beds.
2) Ugh. Clean the basement.
3) Make Christmas presents early.
4) Sew the duvet cover for our bed.
5) Harvest my quinoa.
6) Do the touch up paint all over the house.
7) Figure out what in the world we're going to do about the steps and do it.
8) Hang up family photos.
9) Get Mo's allowance system going.
10) Make a baby. Yeah. I said it.
11) Go on dates w/our friends.
12) Investigate the whole electric car thing for Dave. Can you believe he's into that?? Me neither.
13) Get a new digital camera.
14) Clean the fridge. Another ugh.
15) Plant some garlic, onions and stuff that can grow over the winter. Maybe make a hot box??
16) Work on Mo's baby book some more. Fun! I just have so much that I want to put in there...
17) Go pick apples at my aunt and uncle's place up north! (*waving frantically at them*)
18) SAVE (now!), plan (soon!) and go on a Europe trip (next summer!) w/my hot hubby.
19) Go to my grandpa's house and take notes while we talk about all the old pictures. Maybe some day put them in a movie or scrapbook...?
20) Get more washlines in the yard. I think Tracy is willing to donate her old poles to us...?
21) Figure out a system so I don't keep losing all the lists I make! Please laugh at that....!
22) Get my baby girl to eat on her own.
23) Finish writing thank you notes for 2 parties!
24) Get family pics taken - and some of DW and me for our 10th anniversary.
25) Trim the grocery budget. I always say that!
Ok, so I'm only 2 and a half percent of the way there...but there is probably more rambling around in the dark corners of my mind...

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