Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Make something!

I have decided that since today is the first day of school, I would make an attempt to get back into the routine of writing certain things on certain days. If you recall, I used to post about something I made on Monday and then what kind of workout we did on Wednesday. Fridays were activity days. Hopefully I can use the Mondays to make new recipes or sewing projects or something. I would really like to start using the gym at the local high school soon so I might talk about that on Wednesdays. Fridays this year will be different since Mo will be in school! But Fabi and I can go places...she could use some mommy and me time =)

For my first Make It Monday post - QUICHE!!! I know I've posted about this before, but we always marvel at how much we love it. This time I used my new food proces
sor to chop up onions, garlic, tomatoes and green peppers. I threw in some ham and cheese. TASTIER THAN EVER was the result!
I am finding that the cook time of 35-40 minutes is not enough. Which really stinks, b/c I always start it saying we'll eat in less than an hour, but we don't. And one of these days I promise I will try a homemade crust! I have been really trying to keep at least 2 meals a week super cheap and this one was it. The crust was $2, there were 4 eggs and the veggies (except the garlic) were free (DW disagrees, we paid for the dirt and the seed, but BAH!) from the garden! I guess the cheese was at least $2 worth or something, but I think the whole thing would be less than $10, right? Cheap. Good. Better than good taste-wise! The other day we had cheap noodles, expensive sauce, cheap beef and beans. Everyone devoured it! Again, there was a huge pot and it was easily less than $10!! One bonus to making stuff like this is that Mo loves to help. He gets all excited to use the food processor (manly motor!) and is the official stirrer and pourer. I think it's good for him to see what goes into the food and how it's done. We forgot our aprons last night though! We'll have to work on that...

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