Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Unleashing my secret farm girl!

I harvested some quinoa today! If you know anything about that process and think I
did it wrong, by all means, leave a comment and tell me what to do!! I kind of made up the method. In my head it's going great, you know, but I think I can see a few problems w/it. For what it's worth, here is what I did...First I made sure the heads were reddish brown.
I cut the stalks and peeled off some of the lower leaves. I laid out some cheesecloth and piled it on...
...and then I just wrapped it up.
I'm hoping to hang it in the garage, but I think another layer or 2 of cheesecloth wouldn't hurt. I originally was going to put plastic bags over it to catch it, but I'm thinking it won't breathe as easily then. Seeing as how this plant was my 'wild card' in the garden this year, it's doing amazingly well. Or at least I think so! Look for another garden post soon...I have learned so much! For example - quinoa should have a box of it's own...

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molly said...

I love growing quinoa and amaranth! Quinoa is ready to harvest when the leaves have fallen, leaving just the dried seedheads.

Seeds can be easily stripped upwards off the stalk with a gloved hand.

It is important to watch the weather when quinoa is ready to be harvested: if rained on, the dry seed can germinate.

If the heads are not completely dry, harvest them when you can barely indent the seeds with your thumbnail. They should then be thoroughly dried before storage.