Thursday, September 10, 2009

What would you like to dress up as this year?

I have been enjoying conversations w/my 4yo boy lately!
"What would you like to dress up as this year?"
"A witch."
"Really?! Why?"
"I thought it would be fun." (Hiding my grin - where did he get this idea? Stupid media! Oh wait, we don't say that word.)
"What else?"
"A piece of ice."
(Now how would I make that???)
"And I'd like to be sledding in the snow."
(Now there's something I could do!!! It's usually nasty cold here anyway, so a snowsuit would work! Hang a sled over your shoulder, get some fuzzy white stuff stuck on you and you're done!)
"What else can you think of?"
"That's all."
"Can you think of something else that's cool or fun?"
"A lion and a tiger."
"At the same time?"
"Yeah, both!"
(So my kid is going to be a liger this year...HAHAHA - have you seen Napolean Dynamite? Now I'm just laughing! Do you think anyone else would get it? It's kind of obscure...! We'll see...)
Either way you slice it, talking to this kid is fun. I remember that 4 and 5 is most definitely my favorite age. I remember why. =) And I am grateful I survived the other years to get here!


D(ea)r Abby said...

I had the same idea about wearing a cold-weather costume the year after my mom made me trick-or-treat with a winter coat over my costume (so no one knew what I was). The next year, I went as a skier, but over course it was balmy and beautiful that day, so I wished I had a different costume.

Also, Napolean Dynomite is not *that* obscure, so I think a fair number of people would understand the liger costume.

Night Owl Craftworks said...

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