Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Twenty-five years and still...

This is the boring what's-going-on post...not that you asked, but I feel like I have a lot of these little things I keep meaning to post on.
(Me) Working out again! So nice to learn how to use an elliptical. Still can't figure out the silly stair machine! White girl has no rhythm ok? But it's so nice to talk to my cousin (my workout buddy!) and be active again! I am carving out a sewing corner in what used to be our room, but is now the spare room. I hope that some time this weekend I can get in there! I have been doing so well at keeping up w/the usual housework jobs and we've even tried a few new menu items! We've been doing a lot better about eating healthier and cooking more from scratch. I have found a good source for free range chicken and eggs, grass fed beef, and bulk foods we enjoy. All these goals seem like they're falling into place. The kitchen is more organized, our new room is more organized, the basement is more organized...I'm starting to feel like a grown up! Weird. I signed up for another online class, but I haven't started it yet. I've been helping in the church nursery as needed, which is so much fun! BABIES make me smile =) I was in a drama over Christmas and it reminded me how much I hope we can do a few more of those in the future. What else?? It's been awesome to see my kids grow and change and start to do a lot of things for themselves. I always tell Mo, "Someday I'm going to be out of a job!" He loves that!
(Dave) Exams week for him - which is good b/c he just started another online course. Exams week is a little easier on him so he's getting into the habit of studying more, hoping it will stick as the second semester gets going. Together we're leading a Do Something group at church, which will be interesting. We never really consider ourselves leaders in church, but we've been around longer than a lot of other people and we're involved in other ministries. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of the group and what we will DO =) Dave got to take KiKi and Nugget (new class pets - rats) to school the other day...he's hoping the kids will get more of a chance to interact w/them soon!
(Moses) Whether it's singing or rhyming, spelling or writing, drawing or cleaning, this is one 4yo who works hard! Sometimes I forget he's 4! I see what Dave's 4 and 5yo students are doing and I feel like Mo can do that and better than some of them. We've been getting stuff in the mail about enrolling for kindergarten, so of course those conversations have been rolling around. Bilingual or regular? 4K or just kindergarten? If we choose Bilingual 4K, that means he'd be in Dave's class...yeah, I'm not sold on that. But we'll see =) My peanut is GROWING so fast - we hardly have time to wear the size 4 stuff and wouldn't you know the pants are too short! Our boy is still adjusting to having another child w/a medical need, but we're working on it. He is finding opportunities to teach her things and revel in his role of big brother! Now that she talks a lot more he laughs at her sentences and silly songs. He is loving LOVING absolutely LOVING dressing up in superhero costumes, his Army and firefighter costumes too! Many people are surprised that Superman shops at the mall! It's nice to see him do a lot more imaginary play, like pretending to rescue dolls from a burning crib or play school w/his sister. It is such a blessing that I get to witness almost everything he does and not a day goes by that I don't thank God and Dave for making it possible!
(Fabi) You are not going to believe this, but the baby is not really baby-ish anymore! She's graduated to a bigger size pants, she's TALKING sooooooo much! Singing, asking for things, putting sentences together and pointing random things out so we can actually understand them! Today, the first word out of her mouth when she woke up was "Church?" She wanted to go! I laughed! She went and got her shoes! Goofy girl...I didn't even know she could say that word yet! Physically we are seeing her try and succeed at so many things that were difficult mere weeks before. She understands where things go, she uses logic when she can't figure something out instead of giving up, oh yeah and she's started to show a little 3yo attitude! That's a whole new concept for us (we never really had a foster kid 'come into their own' here) and we're beginning to treat her more like a toddler rather than a baby. As far as the eating and drinking go, there's not really any change. That's a little disappointing at times, but when we look at how far we've come in 6mos, we know that there is still plenty of time to work on other things.
So that's what's going on...what's not going on? Not nearly enough crafting and seeing friends!! No progress in the adoption category, no serious life changes, and no major vacations coming up. But we are looking forward to a lot of camping this summer =) I hope to share more photos in the next few posts. Our new bed comes tomorrow!! I'm going to try and get some pictures on the walls and a few more projects done. I swear sometimes this blog helps motivate me! Whatever it takes, right?

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Liz said...

Yay, exercise! How sore were you today? I (generally) felt okay, but my knees were REALLY sore/tight whenever I had to bend down. Any thoughts on working out tomorrow? I'm still up for cruising around the restort if you want. Let me know - I should be around all day tomorrow. :D