Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making marbles

Tonight we are starting once a week respite for twins!!  They are only 4 months old.

My mind is reeling at the thought of 2 babies in our house =)  It will be interesting.  Of course that word doesn't do it a justice!  I imagine we will learn a lot about how life w/twins works.  I am excited (again, of course!) and I am also really glad we moved furniture around last week and wasn't necessary to do that before they came, we just started some cleaning and it led to moving furniture for the winter.  I know it's only once a week, but my guess is not much will get done when the boys are over.

I am writing this post at the Y.  Colleen is in her gymnastics class!  She loves loves loves it!  It's pretty cool to see her doing a bunch of new things and getting stronger.  Moses has been going to boys' gymnastics too...I cannot believe what some of the bigger boys are doing!  The kid is certainly strong enough to do those things, he's just working on some of the coordination!  Last night it was cartwheels.  It was humorous watching the coach teach how to do one.  I was thinking, "Yeah, how do you teach someone to do that??"  Now I have my answer!  I'm not sure I could even still do one myself.  I'm not really planning to try any time soon either!

It is my absolute favorite season here!  We are going to pick apples soon, leaves are starting to change, the air is getting crisp and cool, my birthday is coming up, the garden is getting ripe, etc...We're going to a Brewers' game, having a family reunion, watching the Packers on TV, getting our school schedule down...I can't wait!

Well, I hope to keep writing here on Wednesdays.  Maybe I can catch up on some of the summer posts!  Sorry this one is so random and not interesting...

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