Thursday, September 8, 2011


The song says, "Don't want to be...ALL BY MYSELLLLFFF!"  But I do!  Sort of....Today was the first day I had all my kids and husband in school at the same time.  I had told everyone that the first thing I was going to do when all of them were gone was to clean out the silverware drawer!  We only have 3 drawers in our whole kitchen and the top one is for the silverware.  It is full of crumbs!!!  I fully intended to tackle that....but...I had a to-do list w/lots of other perishable/timely items on it.  So I did other stuff instead.  I peeled and cut peaches and apples to put in the dehydrator.  I took scraps out to the chickens and the worm bin.  I organized a huge pile of papers.  I got a stack of mail addressed and stamped for the box.  And then I looked at the clock.  Colleen is only in school half days and it was already time to go pick her up!!!  So...I still have a long to do list.  I need to create things w/2 large zucchinis, 2 bags of kale and 1 bag of basil.  I need to wash dishes.  I need to blog about our summer.  I need to wash the floor.  I need to fold laundry.  I need to clean out the van.  I need to go through 2 bags of junk in the upstairs hall.  I need to put away laundry....yada yada yada...I want to be alone b/c then I can focus on what I'm doing and not have to stop and start or whatever.  Yet, I miss everyone!!!  School is going so well for Moses, light years better than the beginning of last year!!!  It is awesome but doesn't make me miss him less.  Dave hasn't been home a bunch of nights since he's been doing home visits and Colleen isn't here to keep me company w/her chatter.  Is this how it's going to be when everyone goes back to school each year???  I'm waffling =)  I'm glad everyone is doing so well and now I just need to kick it into high gear to make the best use of the time.  I said it before and I'll say it again - there are more interesting posts coming...probably not until next week when I settle into a routine!  Sorry for the boring to-do list today.  I just wanted to mark the passing of a very important, emotionally torn day...

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