Friday, August 26, 2011

Breaking hinges

I am avoiding the dishes that need to be done.  If you know me (Mom!), you are not surprised =)  There are so many things I want to write about tonight!!  But where to start?
SHORT VERSION:  School starts soon - Dave will be in 2 new classrooms.  Mo will be in all day bilingual kindergarten.  Colleen will be back at preschool, only in an integrated class this year.  Chickens are big!  One is a rooster.  Yep, no doubt about that!  No eggs yet.  Summer vacation was a BLAST.  Moses read about 100 books out loud to us as we drove everywhere.  Yes, I packed 100+ books.  We are that family.  We love to read!  It is not an exaggeration.  I do not regret for a minute those 3 heavy backpacks b/c I know it kept us sane!  Some of the books were the special photo books Nana compiles for us =)  We treasure them!  Kids are signed up for gymnastics and swimming.  They are both taller and it's all I can do to keep up w/the changing shoe and pant sizes!  Local fun has been had...birthdays came and hair is still growing long...what else??  Can't believe I managed a short version!!  The long one is not pretty.  But it is great blog fodder!  More posts coming soon!

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