Sunday, October 4, 2015

Other things as old as me...

Star Wars.
Space Mountain.
Apple II computers.
The Seattle Mariners.
Focus on the Family.
Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album.
The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
The US Dept of Energy.
The Panama Canal Treaty.
The Atari game system.
The Porsche 928.
My birthday twin Jeremy K!

Today I raked a million pounds of leaves.  (No I don't like exaggerations, not one teeny tiny bit...!)  Probably not the best way to ward off old age aches and pains, but it was so good to be outside on a glorious fall day!!  I had to quit b/c a blister started to bleed.  Mo had so much fun driving the tractor w/a trailer full of leaves back and forth to the back 40!  My girl Colleen was awesome at filling the trailer and boxes or buckets full of leaves, then packing them down.  She's such a hard worker and the heavy work activities are good for someone w/her particular needs.

It's been a good year...a lot of weird stuff happened, which keeps life interesting!  I worked outside the house, we moved, I drive this big truck now, we burn trash, we're back in the town where I began teaching, we didn't travel as much...all things I wasn't sure were ever going to happen.  I let go of some things that were really important b/c I realized they just can't be.  Some of the coolest things happened/are happening this year...I'm involved at the crisis pregnancy center, even if I'm not doing much, I'm 'in'.  I get to go for walks in the woods, I see animals everywhere, my kid speaks Spanish almost more fluently than me, I got to see some of my best friends a bunch and my hot hubby changed his eating habits to lose some weight!  There have been some hard things this year and some things that were so good for my soul.

On another light hearted note - just in time for my begin my next year of life on this planet, McDonald's will be serving breakfast all day.  If you know me, you know I HATE McDonald's.  What you don't know, is that I secretly LOVE their Sausage Egg McMuffins!!!  And God only knows why I had to wait this many years of my life to eat one whenever I want...but I shall wait no more!  (Yes, I love food and I don't care if it's not healthy.  One Mother's Day Dave asked me what I wanted for a gift and I requested a road trip centered around 3 food establishments.  We ate local farm breakfast, local ice cream and then local fresh Widmer brick cheese curds.  My love language is FOOD!!!)

And on that note...=)  I promise to write a proper update and not this fluff stuff soon!

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