Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No news is not good news

So, if the SW doesn't call 2 days later, ya think that's a good sign? B/c I don't. She said she wanted to find a place for him by Fri and I said, "Great, have the case worker call me w/more details!" I'm thinking now that we may not get a call until it's closer to Fri. And well, that is 2 days this how it works?? The house is way too quiet right now (DW's at a home visit and Mo is still asleep!) so I'm just sitting here praying for this little guy we haven't even met yet! I'm sure I've quoted it here before, but I'm reminded of the verse 2 Peter's so easy for God to wait for all of us to 'get it' (it took me over 20 years!) and we are I am so impatient for Him to 'get' what I want and just make it happen already! Anyway - I need to go and drag my kid out of dreamland now. He's my dinner date =) Wish I had more news...promise to write more even if I don't...

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