Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just a taste

So today was a tired, clingy, crying day w/2 kids and I got a taste of what this life could be like. It's hard! (No complaints - I wouldn't trade it for the world...) I managed...we found out from the case worker that this could be a long term placement. Last night we talked about attachments and stuff. The little guy (in one week!) has developed an attachment to me! Hopefully he will get to see his mom tomorrow and we can have more visits in the future to start and keep up a healthy attachment w/her too. I think we are all doing pretty well, just gotta get enough sleep. One night a week is ok. Last night we all went down to see my Mom! That was really nice b/c I hadn't seen her in over a week! She always amazes me...well, I hope that tonight or tomorrow I can post a photo slideshow update. There is so much to talk about! I know I keep saying I will, but I'm serious. I miss blogging! I'm off to do some cleaning since both boys are amazingly asleep at the same time...

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