Saturday, October 11, 2008

Still here!

I know it seems like I have gone...but I've just been taking time to 're-group'. After everything that has been going on w/my Mom, I didn't feel like talking much. When I did, I felt bad that everything I had to say was, well, depressing and frustrating. Lately things have been really looking up - Mom has been doing well in the sub-acute rehab facility! Praise God! She is talking, calling people on her new cell phone, working in therapy, asking questions about life 'on the outside' and interacting w/other residents. Her attitude is completely different most of the time and we are all feeling blessed, positive and happy =) If you want to know more, you can always go to and type in bonniesblog (no apostrophe). At any rate, there have been a bunch of other things going on that I'd love to talk about! First a quick update on each of us...
1) Me - I have been enjoying a break from leadership of all kinds of activities...sometimes I miss the parents group or stuff at church, but honestly, I couldn't have done it during this time. I signed up for a few activities I was interested in at the ministry fair but I haven't been to any of them yet. There was the prayer quilt ministry, the 'health club', the walking group and of course the scrapbooking group! Mostly I've been trying new things in the kitchen, trying to keep us stocked w/healthy snacks and doing things like using the dehydrator for apples and potatoes. I love getting the CSA box on Tues and we've all enjoyed smoothies, quiches and veggie pizzas =)
2) DW - wow - he's finally settling in as the Pre-K bilingual teacher...He loves playing guitar for the kids and is still trying to get used to the crafts and stuff. He's still playing on the worship team, just not as often. He's been riding the city bus since we only have one car and I am impressed that he actually doesn't mind it! His ankle was better, then he got the screws out,'s back to being a little sore again. Mostly, Dave has been helping me around the house and taking Mo to the zoo when we go visit my Mom in the hospital. Now that she's in the new place, she can handle Mo for longer periods of time, but it was awesome that the boys would go off so I could enjoy time w/my Mom.
3) Moses - well, we tried preschool...2 days a week for 2.5 hours each. It didn't go well. He is really young compared to the other kids, all this stuff w/my Mom, he didn't know a soul! We could make a bunch of excuses, but the bottom line is he wasn't ready. So now we get to hang out together! He is such a funny kid - singing P & W songs, telling stories, making superman capes from crepe paper (??), wearing my shoes, making me lunch in the sandbox, doing all the things a 3yo boy should be. That, and oh how could I forget? We have our occasional fits thrown in there to make life interesting tiring!
So I think that catches you all up in a nutshell...if time I will post again tonight!

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