Thursday, September 25, 2008

I crack myself up

A while ago I made a double batch of chili. I froze some. Apparently I wrote on the plastic bag. Last night I was stressing and not focusing. I felt like I had 10 things to do and they were all top priority! I put the bag of chili in a sink full of hot water. At one point I flipped it over. The bag said, "Chill out - it's chili!" I laughed so hard I cried =) Stuff w/my mom still kind of sucks. Like my SIL and I were talking about, it's almost like we're sick of people asking. What should we say? We feel like we're too depressing to hang out w/anyone. I'm not telling people not to ask, please, it's nice, just understand if I give you a short answer. There are good times and bad, but I keep remembering that I'll take the bad times over losing my Mom any day! If you haven't already checked out the blog for more specific info, go over to and type my mom's name: Bonnie Conway. There's plenty of info there...I update that blog more than I used to update this one! Anyway, we are still doing fun/normal stuff like going to the zoo and having park picnics here and there...I just signed up to go to the pumpkin farm field trip w/Mo's preschool, so we're looking forward to that =) I'm grateful that DW is helping out around the house and allowing me to go to the hospital so often. We are still going to church every week - that's like our anchor right now. No matter what we will not miss that. This past weekend the new pastor talked about how we need more than that to get to our 'boiling point' but right now the only other spiritual food is some Bible time and P&W music! That's what we can carve time out for...for now. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I will be MIA for quite some time now. I'll be sure to post some pics soon so you know I'm still alive and having fun, even if I look like a tired ghost!

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Joyce said...

Mel, I can relate to this- my mom had a brain anyeurism burst a few years ago and was in intensive care and rehab for months. You have a long haul ahead of you; just try not to think too far ahead.