Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent w/a preschooler

I know - I know! I still have 2 more thankfulness posts to do, and 1 is half written already, but I just stumbled onto this and I'm excited =) I have been crawling over the Advent Conspiracy website (where I got the recent video) and I found preschool resources! So tonight we started...We read from the Bible, Matt 25:1-13 and talked about being ready for when Jesus comes. (Yeah, we didn't explain certain terms that come up in that passage...mostly focused on the words, "Keep watch!") Anyway, we plan to read each night about getting ready for Jesus. If you have little kids and you are looking for something Advent-related to do, check it out (better late than never!). I'm going to find our nativity scene right now...that'll probably be the only Christmas decoration for a while! Despite the snow putting me in the mood, we need to clean up a bunch of stuff before we haul out the holly, you know what I mean? Anyway, are any of you doing advent type stuff each night (w/kids or otherwise)? I was looking online and there's so many things...lots of verses from Isaiah =) But I don't think that works too well w/a 3yo. Let me know if you found something else that works for you...thanks!

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