Friday, December 5, 2008


It's been a while since I just had a plain old update here are a few things going on w/us!
  • Our foster son is still here. Not sure if he will be leaving soon....He is such a cutie and he is so easy! We are truly spoiled/blessed to have him! Moses is doing well w/him, acting like a true brother. They fight, they hug, they laugh and chase and scream together! Sometimes they are having so much fun it's like I'm not here. The noisy times I wish I wasn't! Just kidding!
  • I've issued myself a bunch of challenges this month, mostly based on the topic of discipline. Pray for me! No really, I'm not joking! I am trying to be more disciplined w/my time, our money, my jobs as a get the drift. So far I give myself a B-. Lots of room for improvement...
  • Dave had a guys' game night a few weeks ago...something he always wanted to do! It was fun - weird for me, I guess...I came out of hibernation to switch the laundry at one point and found snack foods being served in a rusty tin! Ladies - you might want to update your hubby's tetanus shot! I just rolled my eyes and said I was embarrassed, but kept on walking. He had a fun birthday and is looking forward to playing in the snow w/the boys!
  • Moses is doing soo many things for himself these days. He helped us make a 'Responstiblities' chart and some days we don't even have to ask =) A couple of times he has gotten out of bed before us and set the table. It was so cute that first morning when I came out and all the kiddie bowls, cups and spoons were neatly arranged at each place! I cheered so loud and hugged him so hard! He just did it all on his own w/o us ever suggesting it! Too much fun =) I just taught him how to put his coat on by himself too...Dave didn't even know my trick! So I taught him and now he's going to teach a few of the 4yo's in his class too! Lol!
  • I'm plotting to make a bunch of Christmas presents. Not saying what...but I'll let you know if I get a chance to complete one. A friend is having a homemade present making party and I am soooo looking forward to it! I've never really been to a crafty Christmas party and I miss the girls!
Well, that's about all I can think of right now. I have some other posts that are almost finished...I'm just waiting on a few pics and some quiet time to form less random I'll be back =)

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