Sunday, July 5, 2009

4 can be lonely like 1 too

The baby is gone.

Pumpkin went to live w/his dad.

I walked from the living room to the bathroom and had a panic moment b/c his door was open. We never leave the door open when kids are sleeping! But then I remembered.

The funny thing is, the last 2 mornings he climbed out of his crib. Yesterday Mo went in to say hi and open his shades and he said, "He's out already! He's out!" Neither of us believed Mo so we got out of bed to find Pumpkin quietly reading. He looked up at us and simply said, "Hi!" It was today when I went in and found him out of the crib, I put him back in. I told him to show me - hey, I never had a kid who climbed out! I figured I'd learn the trick. He used the dresser that's attached to the crib. Like Spiderman, he 'walked' up the side and used the other foot to wrap around a bar. When he got to the top, he threw his leg over and slid down the bars like nobody's business. I laughed so hard! Now I know...I told DW, "Oh well, not my problem tomorrow!" At the time, I felt like I didn't care b/c I wouldn't have to deal w/it much longer. Obviously, I know part of that was me saying I didn't care, when I knew I'd miss watching this kid do all these new things, even if they were things that give me white hair!

I'm bracing myself for later in the week when (most likely) Pickles will be leaving too.

Please pray for my boy Moses. He will be taking this hard, I think. It all probably won't hit him for a while...we'll see. I'm just praying. He may not fuss much, but then again, he might need lots of playdates to make up for all the sibling time he'll be missing. Hear that, friends? Call us! Maybe not this week, but for sure next week. Thanks =) We're looking forward to a new adventure...

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