Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Jenni at One Thing posted a list of the top ten things she would like to do in her life, a bucket list of sorts and I am in the mood to join her today! So here goes...
1) Adopt. A LOT. But if you know me and you read this blog you aren't surprised, are you?!
2) Go back to Spain and Europe in general.
3) Go on a missions trip as a family. I have dreams of using my Spanish language skills in an orphanage!
4) Write my personal history.
5) Make my own stuff. This one is really broad and I contemplated breaking it up, but that didn't seem fair. I'd love to make my own soap, toothpaste, clothes, slipcovers, curtains, veggie paradise, etc! I could go on, but I think you get what I mean.
6) Memorize parts of the Bible. Seriously, I have been in Forensics and done plenty of public speaking where I've memorized things, but I seem to have a block when it comes to verses. I lack discipline, which doesn't help, but that doesn't stop me from starting over again and again!
7) Be involved in my kid's education. As a teacher and a Christian mom, lots of people assume that I'm going to home school. At this point, no. I could get on my soapbox and explain more, but I won't. I just hope I can support my kids in their public school education and find ways to encourage them to always be learning =)
......(This is harder than it looks people!)......
8) Stick to an exercise plan. Try to get the hubby to compete or join! LOL At this point running and biking sound good. I'm not a swimmer (right Mom?) and I don't mind aerobics but but I hate paying for classes and maybe missing some. But if I have a plan to just get outside and use the school district's awesome gyms for free in the winter, I think I could do it. I'm not necessarily looking to lose weight but just gain muscle!
9) De-clutter the house and kick the habit of collecting/saving dumb stuff. LIVE SIMPLY.
10) Get a Master's Degree in Spanish.

WOW - You've probably heard some of these goals already...but some are new. Thanks, Jenni for sharing your top ten list!


Jenni said...

Your list is simply grand...my sister is not a homeschooler and is VERY involved in her kids' education, so it's definitely doable! As well as admirable.

I almost put "adopt" on my list, but it makes me too sad to think about, since God seems to have shut the door quite firmly on that one in my life. I'm hopeful that He will lead some of my own children to walk that road, though!! Sometimes our dreams are given to us to be passed on, I belive...

Elizabeth Bales said...

We should look into taking a class together this fall. Otherwise, I think Kohler has yoga classes where you only pay when you attend - not sure how much they cost though ...