Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hospital food really stinks. In case you didn't know.

Wow, summer really kills a blog! I have so much to say! But this post is to ask for prayer, again, I know, I'm sorry...remember when my Mom had a bad bike accident? Sunday morning she suffered a seizure. Most likely she will be at risk for them the rest of her life due to the traumatic brain injuries. She is doing well and hasn't had more, but it turns out she sustained a compression fracture in her back, during or after the seizure. She will be in the hospital for a while again! She's really bummed (to say the least), especially since she was driving, working and going to the gym. All the progress that's been made will be put on hold as she goes through a lot of rest, therapy and healing again! Please pray for healing and strength, but also for her 'attitude'. I know I would not like to sit in bed resting for more than a day or something and if you know my Mom, you know she detests it more than I do! And yes, I have eaten at the hospital cafe (they don't call them cafeterias anymore!) in our hometown and it is not that tasty. Blech.

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