Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear diary...I mean blog...

Dear blog -
I have so many things to tell you, I don't even know where to start!!  Lately, there has been this...TIDE of activity in our house.  In...out...up...down...all I know is that right now I am sorting everything out.

First of all - you read the adoption post?  Good.  Now you know the big news!

Second of all - Leah moved out.  Due to some circumstances not worth explaining, Ray had been taken into foster care custody a bit ago and not placed into our home.  Since Leah was about to turn 18, she already had plans to move out and again, due to certain circumstances, it happened early.  So...

...we now have ZERO foster kids in the house.

Weird.  I'm not used to that.  =)  Due to the adoption, I consider that a good thing, but hi, have we met?  I like having a house full of kids!  Now trust me, I don't exactly want the phone to ring off the hook.  We're hoping to take some time 'off'.  We think it will be good to focus on the 4 of us for a little while.

Third - Speaking of adoption...there was an adoption in our extended family recently!  My cousin and her husband had been matched w/a birth mom who delivered early.  They live in Texas, so within 24 hours the birth mom had to choose to give up her rights, which she did.  I cried when my cousin called me - their story is even longer and more heart-breaking than ours...but believe me when I say this - God had and continues to have His hand in the lives of these people!  We are beyond thrilled for them and pray for them often.  If you think of it, please take a moment to pray for my cousin A, her hubby M and baby A.  If any of you have had a newborn, you know how hard those first few months were/ imagine all of that if you hadn't been pregnant.   If, literally, you got a phone call and suddenly you were a parent.  If you brought your baby home and hadn't really bought anything b/c you were too scared to believe it to be true...if your heart couldn't trust so you just didn't.  If you would join me in prayer, I would greatly appreciate it!  You guys, if you are reading this, we love you so much!  Please know that if you want to talk it out or ask questions of any kind, at any hour, you should not hesitate to CALL US!

In other news...I earned another badge for my Mommy Scouts sash today!  I drove to and from an appointment at the Children's Hospital in a blizzard.  I did not fish tail once!  Ok, maybe it had something to do w/our average speed (especially on the way home!) being about 45mph.  It was super frustrating and annoying but I did it.  Don't worry Mom - I was safe the whole time.  The thing is, I feel really proud of myself.  Not only did we survive the Blizzard Drive, but I had managed to wash dishes and get chili in the crock pot before I left, so when I got home, Dave was plowing the driveway and dinner was already done!  I feel like SuperMom - oh wait!  I am!!!  (And I'm anything but humble!)

In the midst of all this, I have a mountain of laundry to do, thank you notes to write and some really fun future excursions to plan!  In February, we are having a late Christmas/family reunion of sorts w/Dave's siblings and Mom.  Mo is so excited to see his new baby cousins and to play w/the bigger boy cousins!  We can't wait to hug the babies too, not to mention to be with the siblings!  I know there will be lots of laughs and a large family photo, so I can't wait!  Then over Spring Break we're off to Texas to see the cousins (and newly adopted baby A!) and some really good friends!  We are so blessed to be able to do this all!!

Well, blog, as you can see, I really should write more often.  Funny thing, when I was younger, I didn't write in my diary much.  Then when I was older, I had 'slam' notebooks.  You know, the kind you slam shut when someone comes along and you don't want them to read it?  But yet you write a bunch of personal stuff in it to share w/the other people that are 'in' your slam group...And now I have you, blog.  For some reason I find it easier to write type here.  Which is good.  So I write.  See you soon, blog...

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