Sunday, January 30, 2011

We do other stuff besides read.

It's been a while since I've written much besides the books we are reading, so it's time for something a little more interesting.
First off - remember my cousin in TX who adopted a baby recently?  Some good friends in TX were matched w/3 sisters for adoption!!  We are super excited and praying for them as they go through the initial visits and adjustment period.  We are also trying to fast forward the clock for when we can go and visit everyone in March!  God is so good and we feel extremely blessed to have relationships like these in our lives.  If you or someone you know is interested in foster care or adoption, Dave and I strongly encourage you to talk to us (you can email or leave a comment...) or someone in your area about it.  Many times we have talked w/friends who tell us they have the idea of it in their heads, but they are scared.  That's ok!!  But please don't be scared to ask questions or just listen as we share our story.  And most of all - PRAY ABOUT IT.  =)
Other cool stuff going on?  Well, we finally were able to clear out the extra room.  I feel like I'm nesting!  I'm not pregnant, but I'm certainly getting things ready for something.  I cleaned Colleen's room a bunch and found myself washing the walls.  Yeah.  I went that far!  You don't believe me and that's ok.  But I really did it and then Dave and the kids helped clean the other room and I sorted/put away baby clothes and I scrubbed cupboard doors and I cleaned out/tossed random stuff from a bunch of drawers and....yeah.  Why do I seem to have all this energy?  I think these are the times when I shine.  I rock at preparing.  When it comes to an actual event, I don't do so hot during it.  I can plan a fantabulous party but I fail when people start to arrive.  I can have the rooms ready and clean and set up but when more kids show up in my house, I am too focused on their emotional needs (and mine?) than cleaning the house...or something like that...We'll see if this time around it will be different.  I think we'll be 'open for business' in a week or two.  It feels good to be ready!  I can't wait to see what God has in store for us next!
We tried to make home made pop tarts.  Enh.  I was sort of winging it.  Pie crust and jam, right?  Can't be that hard...I rolled the store bought crust too thin.  I put too much jam on.  They weren't bad.  They just weren't all that exciting.  I had to fold the edges since the crimp thing doesn't work on really thin dough.  And they don't work in the toaster since they are thin.  They were good enough fresh out of the oven.  Good thing I didn't make too many this time around though!  Today we are doing pumpkin pie, home made ice cream and pumpkin muffins.  Remember all the pumpkins from our garden?  Yep - still eating them!  No complaints - who could complain about pie?  I'm starting to find ways to put pumpkin and squash in our dinners too.  If, however, you are local and want to make something pumpkin-y, call us and we'll share!
The only other news I can think of is that the Packers are going to the Super Bowl, so we've decorated our house in green and gold, of course.  I doubt we will go anywhere to watch the game.  We might see if some friends want to come over.  It's easier.  Then the kids can get to bed on time.  But Dave did mention that if they had a parade or something in Green Bay (an hour away) that it would be pretty sweet to go!  We'll see about that...but it is pretty exciting.  It reminded me of when we were first married and the Badgers' basketball team made it to the final four.  We got a call from Dave's brother in Madison about a 'gathering' at the football stadium, welcoming the team home.  The call came in around 9pm and by midnight or something we were there!  Cheering, yelling, dancing to the was a blast!  We're a little bit older I don't know about all that....hopefully if there is a parade it will be during the day and we can take the kids.
On that note...we return to your regularly scheduled reading list!

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Jason said...

Syd has been rocking some pumpkin muffins as of late, w/ dried cranberry's in them. We keep them in the freezer and grab one on the way out when needed.