Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My 2011 goals, my progress and my January excuses

(I hope to recap my goals and why I am or why I am not achieving them each month.)

Physical: Drink 5 mugs a day, get 8 hours of sleep and run a 5K.
The 5 mugs a day is not happening much b/c I haven't pushed myself.  I am going to write it down this week to keep myself on track and hopefully up it soon.  The 8 hours of sleep, however, is happening b/c I have been pushing myself!  I feel a lot better too!  Running the 5K will most likely not happen until May or later.  I haven't even gotten back into the swing of working out regularly yet.  YIKES!  I blame being sick.  That and the chaos of one foster kid leaving and another getting adopted.  Give me 2 weeks to get back up to speed on that one.

Personal: Weekly planning time, bi-weekly date w/Dave, 2 hours me time and attend a women's retreat.
Last week we managed to kill 2 birds w/one stone when my parents watched the kids.  We used our date as a planning time!  Is that cheating?  Maybe a little.  I hope to change that this week.  Those should be 2 separate things.  The 2 hours of me time was spent wasted doing other stuff.  Like I said, I've been sick/dealing w/allergies (?? ever heard of winter allergies??) and that crushes my motivation.  For the next week, I plan to add more pages to the foster kid scrapbook.  The women's retreat will most likely not happen until summer.

Spiritual: Track Bible reading, family devos, and a missions trip
I have been spotty but I am tracking my Bible reading.  I love the book of Isaiah and that is where I chose to start.  My best time to read is the half an hour I take before everyone comes home for lunch.  I set the table and get lunch ready, then eat while I read.  Everyone comes home and I am ready to serve them!  Some days though, I put a little more effort into the lunch and then I lose track of time.  They all come in the door and I'm scrambling to both eat and serve them!  The family devo time has been working, at least on a casual level.  Nothing formal takes place, but the kids love reading and listening to the Bible.  I think soon we will start a fruit of the spirit workbook though.  Moses loves the Music Machine songs about the fruits of the spirit and when he had troubles in school at the beginning of the year, we prayed about self control, gentleness, etc...for him and with him.  I like the workbook b/c it has crafty type stuff and memory verses.  I'm thinking it might be good for me to try that on Tuesdays when Dave is gone to practice.  Then we can all do something on Thursdays too...as for a missions trip, that also may not happen for a while.  It may wind up being something more local, rather than global, but I am still praying and researching ideas.

As always, there is plenty room for improvement when it comes to reaching my goals!  I do think, though, that my goals are pretty manageable and attainable.  Either way, I'm ready for February!

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