Thursday, February 10, 2011

Noisy books

(...continuing our list of 100 books...)
34.  White Snow Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt (the title alone ignited a discussion about why 'ite' and 'ight' sound the same in English...I love how my boy is learning to read and discovering the anomalies of the English language!  Just wait until you get to palate, pallet and pallette!  or pour, pore and poor!  or rein, reign and rain!  or raze, rays and raise!  or seas, sees and seize!  or wear, where and ware!  or weigh, way and whey!  Sorry.  I could harp on homonyms all day.  As an English teacher, they are sooooo annoying!  But I digress...back to the list!)
35.  And the Train Goes by William Bee
36.  Curious George Visits the Zoo by Margaret and H. A. Rey

And I promise next time not to climb on the 'why-I-learned-another-language' soap box!

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