Saturday, February 26, 2011

When was your last random act of kindness??

I know I always think of ideas of things to do, but I rarely act on them!  So I think it might be easier if I had a list printed up to help remind me of what to do.  If I see it, I hope to do it more often.  Please feel free to add more in the comments!!  Thanks!
- sweep the snow of a few extra cars when you are done sweeping yours off
- shovel your neighbor's walk
(can you tell we got more snow today?!)
- buy an extra apple and share it w/someone!
- write a letter to someone and put a dollar in it
- take a pack of diapers to a new, or even not so new, mom
- send an encouraging note to someone in the service profession - a teacher, a nurse, a police officer, a fireman/woman, someone in the armed forces, etc...
- buy a brand new pack of colored pens (or stickers, or comfortable socks, or anything you think they would find useful and not have to buy themselves) and give them to a teacher you know
- drop some change in someone else's parking meter

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Praises from a Wife and Mommy! said...

Good reminders!!! :)

Even holding a door for a stranger!! :)