Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super snowy productive day

This house is a blizzard of activity today!!!

We have already switched Colleen and her things to the room Leah had been using.  We moved my sewing machine downstairs (just in time for a quick Valentine's Day project!), we had oatmeal for breakfast, we played Wii =), we cleaned some of the kitchen, did laundry, ran the dishwasher, changed sheets, ate yummy leftovers for lunch, started a roast for dinner, etc!!!  My family is awesome!  I love days like this when we work and play together!!

Later we are going to finish organizing the basement, wash dishes, make pumpkin muffins and pie, write a letter or 2, make hummus and tuna salad, and possibly start the Valentine's craft.  We should have snow days more often!  The amount of snow we got isn't too high, maybe a foot or so, but the drifts, hyper active wind and super low temps are what contributed to the closing of school.  We are supposed to get a little more snow, but it's hard to tell if it's actually snowing since everything we already have is whipping by sideways!  Further south of us, there is much more snow.  I saw pictures on of 4 ft drifts, doors that were opened and completely blocked by drifts, cars that were impossible to find!  I read somewhere on the news that it is THE WORST STORM OF THE CENTURY!!!  I laughed - really?  Do they mean it's the worst storm since the 2000s started?  That's only 11 years, I guess I could believe that!  Either way, it doesn't seem too bad here.  Mind you, we are not going anywhere or being foolish, it's bad, but I know it is worse elsewhere.

I hope this day finds you as productive as we are!

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