Sunday, May 1, 2011

The blog in my brain...

...gets updated every day.  But this one is neglected at times.

There are so many things I want to say!  So again, you are subjected to a random list of happenings...
- The adopted baby in our extended family gets to stay in our extended family!  There was a moment there where his birth father came forward and things were shaky, but all is well now.
- Friends from college met their 3 soon-to-be-adopted daughters this weekend.  They will be bringing them home forever in 2 weeks!
- Friends from high school found out they are approved/matched/whatever the appropriate word is to adopt an infant, coming in June!  All this adoption news is making me itch.  =)
- Turned down a foster care placement.  The kids were older and that's just not what we're ready for right now.  That itch just got bigger.
- Spring has come and gone a few times - today it's here.  My hot hubby is working on the garage while my sweet son follows him around, swaggering...toolbelt around his waist, cap on his head, pencil behind his ear...
- In a mere 6 days, I will participate in my first 5K in over a decade.  No, I'm not ready.  But who cares?  Ready enough!  I may not accomplish this task on the first try, but if I don't try, then I most certainly never will.  I saw a cool motivational poster - it said, "Yesterday you said tomorrow."
- Mo is looking forward to summer t-ball.  He has been going to 'gym and swim' at the Y and plays sports outside all the time!  He yells at me when I ask him to practice riding the 2 wheeled bike (no trainers!) but then when he actually gets on he likes it.  No falls yet, no blood, but I still hold on most of the time.  We'll get there...
- Colleen is going to need orthotic foot braces again.  =(  And one of her huge IEP goals for next year is to work on her attention.  It's not getting any better, and the tasks in school are getting longer and harder. I have a lot of emotions attached to issues like these...there seems to be no way we can help.  You can't do exercises or activities to change a kid's brain.  Can you?  If you know of some, please, do tell!  But it seems more and more like there's not much we can do to help this.  I'm still wrapping my brain around it all and I think that's good.  The more I process it before we take the next step the better, right?
- Everyone keeps talking about camping!  Dave brought the camper home for the day and we got it everyone wants to go!  It's still too cold for the momma to allow it yet.  SOON!!!
- I should be cleaning.
- I realized I haven't bought new clothes for a long time, for anyone really, but mostly myself.  I may need new jeans and khakis soon.  If I start now I might have some by 2012!
- A few weeks ago we went out to the syrup farm =)  We got to learn all about how they make syrup!  I love visiting the farms and letting the kids see where our food comes from.  The barn was open, they called us in and kept working while we talked.  Needless to say, I won't need to hunt for maple syrup this year!  We are set!
- That makes me think of the farmer's market...can't wait!!
- I need to get outside and enjoy the sun.  I will post more this week...

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