Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May I be late?

It's late May and I haven't done a goals update!  Here we go...
-DRINK MORE WATER!  Well, I'm am drinking more...but I find it easy to fall back into old habits.  
-Get 8 hours of sleep each night.  Nope, not happening.  Re-committing myself to this one right now!
-Complete a 5K in under 30 minutes before the snow flies at the end of 2011.  If you've been reading here lately you know I finished my 1st 5K in a while =)  I came in just under 36 minutes!  So this goal is totally do-able!  I am planning to run another 5K (I keep typing 5L for some reason...??...) the Saturday of Memorial Weekend.  More on that later...
-Have a weekly planning time.  I have just instituted a plan to do better than this - daily planning time.  More on that plan in the spiritual category.
-Go out on a date w/Dave every other week.  GOOD NEWS!!  For the past 6 weeks or so we have gone out every week!!  It is so cool - we put the kids to bed and have a great sitter come over.  We go out kid-free for 2 hours - mission accomplished.  We hope to keep it up during summer!
-Two hours of scrapbooking, sewing or crafting each week.  Another thing not happening.  Again, re-committing myself to this one.
-Go on a women's retreat before 2011 is over. Proud to say I 'survived' a 2 day women's conference at our church.  (I don't say survived b/c the conference was bad - if you remember from the goals post in January, I explained some of my issues w/women's events...)  The cool thing was, this conference included worship in Spanish, a rockin' awesome speaker in Spanish and just some really cool topics.  I felt very inspired by the women/speakers and I know this will help my attitude about attending more!  =)
-Track my Bible reading.  Still catching up on The Purple Book, but I have just joined Inspired to Action's   Hello Mornings Challenge.  I am getting up before everyone else to have 'me' time - worshipping, reading my bible, praying, getting organized for the day, and exercising if there's time.  So far so good!  This also ties into getting to bed earlier each night.  All around, all good stuff for me to be doing...it's not that hard, but my inner morning person has gone into retirement lately and needs a jump start.  I think this will be just what I need!
-Family Devotion once a week.  I am currently blaming life for this one.  Too many activities.  Not happening.  Over summer would be a good time to start...
-Go on a missions trip???  There's a reason this one has question marks behind it!  No progress here, no surprise...

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