Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Springing into action

I know, you are all waiting w/baited breath to see how well I did in the foster care/adoption 5K...go read about the success and failure of the day (yes, both!) at the other blog!

In other news...I've been pretty busy w/end of the school year stuff, laundry (it's finally stopped raining a little so I can hang stuff outside!) and a few other around the house projects.  I've been plotting a lot of things for summer - garden, camping adventures, a few changes to our food/eating habits...I've also been on the hunt for summer clothes for Colleen.  We don't have girl clothes stashed away in the basement like we do boy clothes!  Nothing from last summer fits her, praise God!, so that means I'm visiting the consignment shops and thrift stores.  So far, so good...I keep thinking that if I just put her in sun dresses every day, I won't need to find both shirts and shorts!  I'm all about the one piece outfits...=)  Let's hope she is too!  She likes wearing dresses to school, so I think she'll have fun w/it.

It seems like it has taken forever, but spring is slowly coming around...every year I celebrate tulip week - when they all open and wave in the wind, like colorful bling for my house!  We are almost there!!!  The oranges started already and the reds are not far behind.  When we moved into this house (closing in on 10 years) I planted like 60+ tulips all over.  Just the walkway from the sidewalk up to the house easily has that many now!  How can a person (well, me, anyway) be grumpy when they are surrounded by their favorite flower??

We just bought a book titled 101 Places to See Before You Are 12 and have plans to visit many of them over the summer!  Moses and I are also going to the library to find books on Lewis and Clark - did you know they started their expedition in May?  He sounded very interested in what they did and he was excited to learn that they started in St. Louis - "We've been there!"  Maybe when he's older we can go and trace their route.  Another thing we are looking forward to is getting our bikes back.  We had them in the shop for a tune-up and it's time to get riding!  Can't believe we are almost half-way through May already....

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