Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh nuts, we're out of milk!

 I actually made this last week Monday, but it took me this long to post about it!  
ALMOND MILK (made by me!)

Soak 8 hours and blend, 1 cup almonds to 4 cups water
Sweeten with some real honey if you like

We finally made almond milk!  We have been drinking it (me especially) like nobody's business but I started to get annoyed by the tetra pak cartons I couldn't recycle, the sugar/calorie content and the cost!!  So w/a little help from a friend, I got a big box of almonds.  I found it hard to believe that there wasn't much to it besides soaking/blending the nuts and then straining the milk.  BUT!  It's true!  It's so super easy!
Please excuse the messy counter!

The kids thought the BEST part by far was straining it.  I found a linen produce bag, but you could probably use cheesecloth, I think.  We just blended the daylights out of it and then poured it over that bag, which was hanging over on or the jars.  You could walk away and let it strain on it's own, I think, but we chose to wash our hands and get squeezing!  Moses thought it was like milking a cow, and then he laughed about how this was not cow's milk - I introduced the word irony.  We'll see if he picks that up as fast as he did sarcasm =)  
I'm trying to be IN more pictures!

What's left of the almonds...
The same friends that hooked us up w/the almonds make raw cookies w/the by-product that gets left in the strainer - would you call it almond meal??  Or almond flakes??  I tried to remember their recipe and looked online too - enh.  I didn't find any that suited me so they are sending me theirs.  It seems that 4 cups of almonds/16 cups of milk gets us through the week.  More would be nice!  So now I have my work cut out for me each week!  I should actually get some soaking right now...

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It never even occurred to me that you could make your own almond milk! Wow!