Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yesterday's gone...yesterday's gone...

We are hurtling through March!  I have a few minutes to write and wanted to get in an update on my 2012 goals.  (You may want to reference the original post to see detailed notes on what I am talking about here.  Or not!  =)  Either way I think you'll get the gist.) 
-Time for hobbies?  Not so much.  Unless you count getting my tube fed daughter to drink from a glass!  =)  Which, coincidentally, is going a little better!  (More on that in another post, maybe.)
-Watch less TV?  Maybe 20% better.
-Women's Conference?  I am going to be in the drama for one this weekend.  So YES!
-Join a small group?  YES!  Thank you to my best friend in town for hosting!
-Call the Intergenerational Center?  Nope.  Maybe after spring break.  This summer we should have a lot more time to participate in their events so I am looking forward to that!
-Read?  I am almost finished w/the first book of the year, but I have been also reading my Bible a lot more.
-Grad class?  Slow progress but I am enrolled.
-MYM Challenge?  I am still Maximizing My Mornings!  The Bible reading part is easy, the exercise and planning are not.
-Bible reading and journaling?  Doing well, but there is always room for improvement!
-Memorize scripture?  Mo and I have at least 4 new verses down.  I would love to up that to 4 a month =)
-Mission trip?  No progress here.
-Small group and Women's conference?  See above.
-8hrs of sleep?  Doing well, but again, room for improvement.  I know it has really helped my attitude so far, though, so it's always good when I can see results.
-Exercise?  Started Jillian again and did well for 2 weeks or so but then I got sick and now it's busy!  Yes, those are excuses.  I hope to pick it up again after this busy weekend.  I have found 2 events I would like to run in, so I'm using that for motivation.
-Thighs?  Arg.  I am afraid to measure.  But I know when I was doing Jillian last time it made a huge difference.
-5K?  Like I said, I will be signing up for at least one and I found a 2K close by that hopefully we can do as a family.  I will look into a few more when we get back from Spring Break.
-Water?  Why is this so hard for me?  I'm doing ok, consistent, but it's never enough.
-Real foods?  We have been doing a 'detox' of sorts by not eating out for the past month.  I'm really proud of us!  I know, that doesn't necessarily mean we are eating real foods, but seriously, we used to eat out anywhere from 1-4 times a week.  BLECH.  This was a really good place to start.  Still using mac and cheese in the box, but I made almond milk and I continue to 'make'/grow kefir.  We make our own pizza, but use store crust.  Things like that are where I think we are doing well, but again, could do better.
-Eliminate packaging?  Well, yes for the almond milk, but not really anywhere else I can think of.  I need to do more bulk bin shopping!
-Out West trip?  The finances just don't seem to be there.  We are dreaming and scheming, but unless we find a financial sponsor or a lump sum buried in the backyard, I don't think it will be this year.  =(
-Research a move?  Always.  Plenty of interesting houses for sale.  Not ready to make any steps in that direction yet, but...still on our minds.
-Another adoption?  Also, always in our hearts, minds and prayers.

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